Monday, January 9, 2012

Venting - Green on Cream, etc.

I happily made my green synergy drink. It's a dark green health drink filled with everything green. Every green plant known to man including grass. Green mold, green seaweed, green beer, green eggs, green olives, green wool and green shoes.

Okay I'm EXAGGERATING a tad. ;)

Seriously ...THIS is what it is and does. I notice a natural diuretic effect and provides energy with clarity of mind and I believe one of things that have kept me healthy ...even when exposed to infections, etc. I've caught a few things ...but rarely and usually mild and of shorter duration ...compared to how I used to be. I also still drink the Herbal Aloe Force and eat the Manuka Honey and 5000 mg Vitamin D. I've been taking these things for a few years now ...and while I can't prove it ...I believe the reason I did not have sepsis when I had a uro relapse is because I consistently have taken these products. Like I said - I can't prove that claim - but I do believe they have facilitated better health at a cellular level in my body.

But, I digress.

Anyway ...I happily put the drink together, shook it a bit and then sat down in front of the computer and with eager anticipation of drinking it. However ..this dark green drink proceeded to pour out of the top of the container that became unsealed and right down the entire front of my pretty cream sweater ...from the top of my chest ..all the way down to the very bottom of my sweater. And I mean a big splash down ..not a little streak. But then didn't stop there ..oh no ..landed right down onto my keyboard. *SIGH!* I immediately turned it upside down and shook it upside down ..let it sit and then blotted and so far ..all is well with the keyboard.

I can't remove my wet sweater because I don't feel like removing the curlers so it will slide over my head. I put extra ones in because I want my hair to be bouncy and more curls/waves on the bottom tomorrow and I don't want to redo it. The price we girls pay for beauty ...even if it means wearing something wet.

Murphy's law dictates that son will bring friends home and this SeaSpray will be making a mad dash for cover. Hopefully, Murphy has a night off. ;)

Don't you hate it when you spill stuff all over you?

Just venting.

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