Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Banana Moon :)

Oh I do LOVE this!

With my d-i-l's permission, the following is a conversation between 33 month old Wrenna and her parents a couple of nights ago:

"Tonight, Wrenna was looking at the moon. We told her it was a crescent moon. She said, "No. No crescent. A banana moon."

How CUTE is that?! :)

And a good observation/comparison on her part.

Years ago, I thought it was neat ...when in some baseball movie (back in80s or 90s - not sure and forget the name of it), they said the crescent moon was "God's thumbnail."

Even though I still think "God's Thumbnail" is a neat description of the crescent moon ...I am now partial to, "banana moon."

Banana moon ... she's so sweet. :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

What You Don't Want to Happen on Your Way to Bed


You don't want to get pot roasted!

Nah ...that's not it.

I couldn't believe it ...just could not. There I was ...at midnight ...in my kitchen ...shards of glass everywhere ...E-V-E-R-W-H-E-R-E. *Sigh!*


That was about an hour ago.

Just before going to bed, I got the idea to take a frozen rump roast, rub seasoning into it and place it in the crock pot. And so I did. Then feeling pretty pleased about it ...knowing the house would already be smelling some kind of good when the guys got up and that dinner would be well on it's way ..with a very tender roast and excellent drippings. I'd add vegetables in the morning. That's what I was thinking about as I washed the dust off the lid, but as I dried it the handle snapped off and the glass lid hit the floor hard ...glass shooting all over the floor.

I froze like I always do when I don't want to face a big cleaning mess that just happened. As if standing perfectly still and staring at the mess would make it all go away like it never happened. And I was disappointed, because I wouldn't be able to cook the roast now. I was glad that son heard the noise and came out and he even helped sweep and got the vacuum hooked up for me. He's thoughtful like that. :) So ..after getting the glass off the little rugs and vacuuming the entire kitchen (might as well - in the mode now), I vacuumed the family room too. Came back and got the roast into a smaller crock pot. It didn't exactly fit and so I had to seal foil over it until it shrinks down. Btw, this smaller crock pot is from 1975 - a gift at my bridal shower. That little one is still going strong ...and the larger crock pot is only a few years old. Eh ... the lid never sealed as well on the newer crock pot anyway.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Salmon, Healthy Lifestyle Changes, etc.


I am baking a small salmon fillet in the oven as I type. I've never baked fresh salmon before. So ..I'm winging it a little. I did look up a few recipes and am making it with a honey mustard sauce over the top of it. I used Greek oregano instead of the thyme. I thought the Greek Oregano was our garden thyme because the oregano leaves dried so tiny. I should've smelled or read the bag. However, it smells good - sure it will taste good. Not being a fish eater...I always want to cover the fishy taste. I was going to try it with olive oil, sea salt and pepper with a little lemon, but went for the sauce. I LOVE Tuna fish. But, recently read that because of mercury, we should only have it 3 times a month. Oh and I put olive oil on the pan so it wouldn't stick. I left that dark skin on it on the underside as I assumed I should bake with it that way. Also having with spinach. I just can't get enough spinach these days. I crave spinach like I crave apples. :)

And this time I am recording the Celebrity Apprentice and having dinner while watching that. I do love to eat when watching TV. I totally zone out that way. :) However, I hardly do that now. I have been losing weight again. I should be a lot lower since November, but admittedly weakened around the holidays and after. Although I did not gain horribly at all ..only a few lbs all total and that is gone and a bit more. That is actually a major deal for me because I could gain as easily as the next inhale. I do feel I am in a downward mode again and this time it is significant or it will be because I am headed into territory I haven't been in since the end of 1987. YAY! Not quite ..but 10 more lbs and I am there. :) It would seem ...I really have SLOWLY but surely changing my unhealthy ways.

Sleep habits are the next big thing to tackle.

Well ..timer went off and so time to enjoy it. Oh also ..I noticed that I can still lose weight eating at this time of night, providing it is a healthy choice and not in excess and I did not over eat during the day ..which I did not.

Oh and getting me to exercise consistently is also a key change I need to make.

I'd love to have a tried and true salmon recipe if anyone feels like sharing. I saw one recipe with a vodka sauce (yum), but no Vodka in the house. I saw something with goat cheese that looked good too.

I am watching the babies all day tomorrow and can't wait! :)

And I will come back and write a uro post after I eat dinner. I'll avoid all the commercials and then go back to watch. :)
Update - Salmon was delicious. And so was the sauce I made. I think I may get hooked on this fish. :) Plus ...I don't know if it was my imagination or what ...but after having the salmon and spinach ...I felt more alert and energetic ...too much so for 9:30 at night.

Loved the Celebrity apprentice!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Like Bowling Pins


So ...I was driving home from church tonight and managed to stop just short of hitting a herd of deer ..frozen in the headlights. Okay ..maybe not a herd like on Rawhide ...but four or five staggered together ..with 2 about to step from the field into the road.

My can attest to the fact that my breaks do work.

And my heart was boinging out of my chest!

If I had driven a few miles faster or left a few seconds earlier ...they all would've been sent flying like bowling pins in a strike.

Or ...I would've hit quite a wall ..ugh ..thankfully ..none of that happened. I never think of them this time of year ...like I do when it is hunting season in fall, etc.

Mental note made ..* be mindful deer are still crossing roads.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Just LOVE This!

She's so cute and sweet. :)

May we all have the same activity level and joie de vivre at 90.

Prayer Request Please (For Me :)


One of the fabulous things about blogging and other public media forms ...is the instantaneous communication ...not just locally ...but to the far corners of the world. It never ceases to amaze me. :)

Anyone that has been a familiar reader of my blog (Thank you :), knows that I do believe tremendously in the power of prayer.

I know God has helped me many, many times in my life. And I think it would be real interesting if we could all see how he has worked behind the scenes on our behalf.

Of course, things don't always turn out the way we want them to. Sometimes ...that's a good thing. I've had some things I pleaded for help with in my past and I am definitely better off because he said, "No ..not this request." Of course I didn't see it at the time, but looking back ...I am grateful it didn't go my way.

And sometimes God says, "Hold on ...I'm working on it." Which means something's not quite lined up in the heavenlies that has to get worked out ...the timing is off.

Sometimes, a situation can be so serious ...life and death serious. We pray for the good outcome ...and it doesn't happen. Where is God then?

I do believe the scripture in Romans 8:28, in which Paul states, "For all things work together for good, to those that love God and are called according to his purpose."

All things DO work together for good ...even though we may never understand the "Why?" of something. Still ...it isn't easy to accept. Well ...I can think of some people that have such faith ...nothing shakes them and they never seem to lose their peace or joy. I guess that comes with spiritual maturity.

I also know that even when bad things happen ..or we don't get what we want ...even though we prayed sooo hard ...it does not negate the existence of God or the fact that he is a God that loves us with an everlasting unconditional love ...greater than our human comprehension can process.

Anyway ...I am not a conditional Christian. By that I mean ..that just because things don't work out the way I believed for ..hoped for ... prayed for and just wanted so very much ...I still believe in his existence and that he loves us all very much.

It is an imperfect world. We all know that bad things happen to good people. God never said we wouldn't have difficulties in life. He said he would be with us always. I know it seems hard to believe ....when the worst of the worst is going on. But, I take him at his word.

And now, I am asking that anyone who stopped to read this, to please say a prayer for me. I don't want to talk about it right now. I am fine. I don't mean to sound cryptic. I just don't want to get into anything now.

Even though you don't know what I am talking about ...God does. Your prayers count. I am sure they will help. The more prayers in agreement ..the better. It is so neat this will be seen all around the world. :)

Thank you and God bless you. :)

Have a GREAT rest of the week! :)


Monday, February 20, 2012



Random cat picture - no connection to this post. Oh wait! YES there is. The "OMG WTF" is the connection. Oh ...and we all know that "F" is for "FUDGE" ...right?

I couldn't believe it. I sat there frozen for maybe 20- seconds ...as if staring would make it all better.

Talk about denial and let downs.

Oh ...this happened ...after I erroneously touched a button when I was moving the remote off of something ... and then the 2 hour Celebrity Apprentice I had placed on pause ...just vanished.


I didn't panic because I recorded it.

I-could-NOT-believe-I-did-NOT-r-e-c-o-r-d it!

That is when I just froze with remote held in air pointing at the TV. I gave up finding it after 2 scrolls down the list ...when I already knew anything new is at the top.

I was beside myself. I was so looking forward to it. I only saw up to where they were still competing with selling sandwiches.

I was reminded of something tonight.

It never worked in the past and it didn't work tonight.

No matter how l-O-N-G you stare at the TV ...you cannot make the shows of your choice appear back on the screen. Believe me ..if it were possible it would've happened tonight.

I was Bummed with a capital "B". And I know you can watch some shows on line, but I don't like doing that. I don't know if you can with them anyway. But, then I remembered something I read on line before the show started. CNBC is airing it again Saturday night. YAY!

So ...I do have it set to record.

Now, I just hope I can avoid hearing who won. So SHHHHHH! Keep it a secret!

There is one perk in this. I won't have to wait so long to watch the 2nd episode.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice! :)

I'm so excited!

I forgot Celebrity Apprentice starts tonight!

I'm such a groupie of the show. I wish I could do it! The idea of competing to raise money for charity ...totally awesome!

Have it on pause now. I always do that so I can bypass all the commercials. And I love seeing it with our new HD TV the kids gave us. Oh ..speaking of that ...I LOVE watching survivor in HD too.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Self Explanatory :)


Of course the running serpentine comment for giving the wrong answer - cracks me up. I will have to pass this on to our first born son. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day :)

Using up the beef in our freezer, except for the meatball mixture I will be using ...I'm surprising Mr SeaSpray with a sirloin tip roast. The sure way to tell your carnivore man you love him. ;)

The thing is when talking with him over the weekend after having so much kielbasa, pepperoni, ham and things like that lately (making a face of revulsion even as I type. I like it ...but a girl can only take so much - gee. Super Bowl time is why I didn't resist ..but should have. And then I still made the Stromboli.) , Oh right finish original sentence ...I said that we should not have any more red meat and definitely no more of the sausages, etc ...until St Patrick's day when I will make the corned beef and cabbage.

Wait if I am really honest ...he didn't answer back and was watching TV and so the reality of that "conversation" is that he probably didn't hear much of what I said. he never answered me and I went back to what I was doing. Well ...I'll bet he heard .."sausage, kielbasa, pepperoni, ham, and beef." And I'll bet he DIDN'T hear "chicken and fish and if you JUST TRY salmon" I'm not sure what that actually translated to in his mind. That I was a GREAT wife! Because I brought up his favorite foods and must be doing something with them?

So ...that "conversation" aside ...tonight he walked in with a RUMP ROAST. And with a recipe he wanted me to make in the crock pot.

No ..you know what? He did hear me because he must've seen my brief reaction when I saw the roast and he said. "I know. but it was HALF price. And NOW they put the meat right at the FRONT of the store." (Men do so whine. ;) I said "That was a smooth move on Shoprite's part ..someone must've done a study."

But if I use meat as a pseudo opiate on him, it mellows him for getting him to go without resistance for a Christmas tree. ;) Therefore - Valentine-Schmalintine -HE must've been doing the same when he also gave me the gourmet dark chocolates (with nuts inside - my favorites kind :) with a really nice card at the same time he pulled out THE ROAST. We all know women react favorably to chocolate. ;)

I did something funny today ..regarding Valentine's Day ...but don't know if I should tell you. But ...it sure did feel GOOD to say even This much. of course the problem with letting even a little secret out ...the rest of it wants to flood out of the dam. ;)
Update - The roast was so tender ...melt in your mouth tender. And OMGOSH ...the chocolate is melt-in-your mouth DELICIOUS. It isn't filled with nuts ...which I love .... it is a hazelnut chocolate filling that is simply exquisite. I took a picture of the candy ...because it turns out it is quite fitting for a SeaSpray. The chocolates are in the shape of various types of SEA shells, SEA horses and Star Fish. This SeaSpray gives that chocolate candy a 5 starfish rating. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

SeaSpray's Family CIRCUS Morning


So ...my d-i-l walked in today to pick up the kids ...to the sound of our fire alarm going off, Faith,our dog ...HOWLING at said fire alarm while I repeated, "Good girl Faith ..Good girl!" and smoke throughout the house. And baby Myles ...began crying ...LOUDLY ...the no consoling kind of crying because he was tired and wanting a bottle and probably not too happy with the noise and smoke in the house. He just wanted Mommy at that point. breakfast dishes still around and toys scattered everywhere.

The reason there was smoke throughout the house, the fire alarm going off and dog howling, was because Wrenna and I had made some Valentine cookies that were baking in the oven. Fortunately ...all this activity is not the norm when I bake. But ...today ...it was SeaSpray's family circus.

Anyway ...thankfully ...the cookies weren't burning even though the smoke was pouring out of the oven. Oh no ..it wasn't the cookies. We couldn't even smell the COOKIES.

Thankfully ...they didn't TASTE like smoked sugar cookies.

It turns out the smoke came from the grease that must've spilled off the Stromboli's I made Friday night and I obviously didn't clean up. But ...all this smoke didn't go through the house Friday night and so I must've turned them off before it built up. It was SMOKEY in here today.

Did I tell you that I also had - still have a headache that won't quit? For 2 days. Not hideous ...but enough to be annoying and cause me to be a tad grouchy. But I prefer a tad grouchy over ..in a funk like yesterday. Actually ...I prefer sheer bliss over both. Anyway ..no bliss today. :) Oh and I can't get rid of the headache because our I-Buprofen expired December, 2010. OOPS.

Earlier ...Wrenna helped me with the cookies. She placed them all on the baking stone. And she also helped stir the scrambled eggs we had for breakfast. She quite the little helper. :)

I RARELY and I mean like don't even remember the last time RARELY that I bought fake ...canned cookies to make. But, they had little hearts in the middle and I knew Wrenna would like that. Then she colored on the back of 3 cards that came with the box, I wrote who they were to and her name and date. Then amidst all the smokey turmoil, wrapped up three Valentine plates of cookies and red wrapped chocolate peanut butter candy, putting her cards on top. One for Mommy and Daddy, one for her sister "Dennan", (Devan), one for her great grandma and one for her great aunt.

They left and I began cleaning up. I opened the windows to let the smoke out and began cleaning up. I was looking forward to relaxing ..maybe even a nap ...in hopes the headache would dissipate. Then I closed the windows, but when I closed the last one I knocked a delicate, glass tree onto the kitchen tile. And of course this glass just had to shatter everywhere ...and I do mean through the entire half of kitchen. *Sigh* As I was getting the vacuum out ...Faith ..our dog decided she had to walk over to that area right through the glass. As I desperately tried to get her to go out out of the kitchen ..she went opposite ..right thru the glass and under the table. Why? Got her out and began vacuuming. Of course once I got going with that ...I decided to vacuum everything. Would've vacuumed up the cats if they got in my way. Then I dusted. I was actually happy to dust because I had a new can of lemon Pledge. I don't know why that made me happy ...but it did.

So ...I was pleased with everything being done and the floors all clean and put the vacuum away. I walked back into the kitchen in time to see Mom's cat vomit all over the tile. Why did it have to scatter? So ...that is still there. NO - KIDDING! Tempting tho - I hate vomit of any kind. I have a definite aversion to projectile body fluids. I'm just saying. I cleaned it up, wiped it down and the kitchen was clean until I made dinner.

Why is it that I can't work with flour or cabbage without it looking like a bomb went off ...both in the kitchen and on me. We aren't having cabbage tonight ..but that is my other challenging food to work with. :)

I will clean the kitchen again after dinner.

Never did get that nap. I am so going to go to bed early tonight. And I better not get a second wind. Still have this headache ..behind my eyes and in upper part of my head.

Oh and one more thing.

2 words.

Cat litter.

I have such disdain for cat litter. And that is all I'm saying about that for now. Well ...except it's like beach sand ...everywhere ...only not as much fun.

And even though I was and am still a tad grouchy ...I really had fun with the kids this morning. They are so sweet ...always giving us big happy smiles (unless the house fills with smoke and noisy fire alarms and howling dogs. :), and warm hugs. Actually ...Wren was totally fine with it and just happy about her cookies she helped make and the cards she scribbled on. :)I LOVE seeing through their eyes and sharing in their sheer joy and happy expectations with what they experience.

I read to them while we ate breakfast. They both seemed to take everything I said in - so sweet.

And I love how Wrenna says, "English muppin." I did correct her, but like she says bish for fish (did it again this morning) , she still prefers "muppin."

Also sweet, Mr SeaSpray had been watching TV and Myles was sitting next to him on the couch and for the entire time ...was just staring up at him. He loves his Papa. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Costco - the Other- Anti- depressant ;)


Well ...I have been in a kind of funk lately. Not sure why. It may be that I miss my friend more than I realize. More like an undercurrent feeling. Talking with her all the time was as natural as taking my next breath.

Imagine you couldn't take your next breath anymore.

Takes time ..I know.

I am now making a point of accepting and setting up social commitments. I really isolated for awhile ...not intentionally ...just did.

Anyway ...I HAVE to go to Costco today. I LOVE that store! I wonder if I will see the singing man or have an encounter with the Costo Nazi giving out samples? She cracks me up. I can't imagine why they have her handing out samples to people. At first I was put off by her and felt like I should apologize for asking. NOW ...I try her samples for the amusement. I know .."Bad SeaSpray ..BAD!" ;)

Anyway ...while I am nowhere near the shopaholic type ...If I were a doctor ...I'd prescribe shopping in Costco as the anti- anti-depressant to cure a funk. I'm just saying. ;)

Sea Spray Script


Dx: Winter Funk

Shop in the Costco of your choice for at least 2 hours -3 x week for 1 month.

(Give this script to the receptionist on your way out and she will give you Costco coupons and a comp discount of 1200.00 - 100.00 for each shopping event.)

Signed: Best Doctor in the Whole World, MD

Of course if we could just have a real winter with actual deep snow ...that would go a long way in perking me up too. Where is all the beautiful white snow this year???

And tomorrow - I will have the wee ones over and I LOVE that!!! :)

Revised- Uh Oh ...We Have TWO Cat's Behaving This Way...

How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you

I just have to say ...we still have Mom's cat who looks just like the gray cat staring in this picture... because he IS all gray and stares just like that. When our dog wants to walk past him ...she will cry until we move him our of her way. While fixing his cold ..defiant and angry stare on her without twitching a muscle ...he really looks like he is saying, "Come on ...you want to mess with ME? Bring it on. Bring-it-on." Even Bob, our very large German Shepherd would NOT walk past this cat. Too funny. Although ....sometimes he even scares me ...especially when he howls for no apparent reason at night and is so loud ...people on the phone have thought it was a baby or child. It's actually haunting. No wonder mom thought she heard him meowing when she was in the nursing home. And he yodels ...LOUDLY before he leaves a fur ball for a present. Never had a car that was so loud this way. He is actually very sweet and affectionate. Just don't mess with him. ;)

Friday, February 10, 2012

OR Nurse Humor -Very Funny! :)

Photo credit Link
My favorites are #1, # 10 #11, #12, #13, #18, #24 ...with #1 and #10 being my favorite favorites. :) Although, they are ALL funny! I don't understand #15 (adult circumcision - Doberman connection??) And I suspect #34 is incredibly funny, because said nurse is ticked about something ...but the procedure to "Bovie" something gets past this SeaSpray. Who knows? Maybe what I am imagining is even funnier? :)

This is absolutely bulletin board worthy in the surgical lounge, among some other places in a med facility. Enjoy! :)

(Tomorrow, I plan on mailing this out to a nurse I know that worked in the OR for years. Even tho she no longer works in the OR, I still think this will probably make the rounds at the hospital if it hasn't already. :)

The following is re-posted in an Outpatient Surgery magazine I subscribe to and was written by an OR nurse.

You might be an OR nurse if ...

1. You're certain that the surgeon you worked with today uses his personality as birth control.

2. You really think the best photograph of you lately is the one on your ID badge.

3. Your cabinet at home has more of those blue containers left over from sterile packs than it has dishes. (One has even replaced your butter container.)

4. When you're bathing or showering, you start from the center and wash out, like you do on a prep.

5. You do a better shave prep on the patient than you do on your own areas that need a shave.

As per the magazine's copyright requests when reprinting on line, I can only print part of the article, but you can read the next 29 by following the link HERE:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bish, Eggfetti and Knotted Hard Hair


So, what is bish and eggfetti?

Any guesses?

Bish is fish.

Eggfetti is what you get when you continually mush scrambled eggs in your hands. Go ahead ...try it... you'll see. And just like confetti ...the tiny and I do mean tiny scrambled egg pieces do land everywhere ...just like confetti and for an added bonus ...they even bounce.

Knotted hard hair - Self explanatory.

I discovered these things when I was watching Wrenna and Myles yesterday. :)

I made scrambled eggs and encouraged Myles to feed himself, but he opted to mush all his scrambled eggs in his hands. He was quite effective at turning said scrambled eggs into tiny pieces of egg so that his entire upper body ...including hair, pajamas, tray and floor were covered in eggfetti. (It reminded me of how confetti covers things.) It looked like a cooked egg exploded all over him and the highchair tray and area. Then after I let her (Faith - our dog) by the table .. the top of her head was also eggfettied. She loved it tho, because she of course went right into cleanup mode. Gotta love that about dogs. :) So, I just gave him my scrambled eggs that I fed to him. In the meantime ...Wrenna on the other side of me was thoroughly enjoying her eggs, English muffin and OJ. She L-O-V-E-S eggs.

Since I didn't have any eggs for myself, I decided to have the seafood salad I bought the night before. You know those little containers with the crab salad. She said "Sparkles!" and repeated it. I don't kow why she thought it sparkled, unless it was the pink, white and green combination in plastic. Anyway, she wanted some. I told her I didn't think she'd like it. But she asked again and so I gave her a small piece. I said, "It's fish."


"No fish"


"No it has an "F" sound ...ffffffISH."


I LOVE it! BISH! Ha ha ha ha ha! That is one of my new favorite words. :)

She ate it, seemed kind of surprised at the taste and then didn't want anymore.

Then later last night, I took my hair down while watching TV and was running my fingers through my hair ..except it was hurting and my fingers couldn't run smoothly through my hair. And their were all these hard, tangled areas. What the heck???!

Then I realized ...Wren was eating her eggs with Catsup which was on her fingers. After she finished ...I picked her up and she gave me a big hug and my hair was down at that point, but as the day progressed ...I put it up in a big hair comb. (Myles likes to pull my hair and jewelery :) I didn't even realize I had catsup tangled hair. :)

I love these children so very much. They keep me quite busy and bring so much joy into our family. Aren't children just so precious?!

Sweet memories. :)

I bought a really good Russian rye bread the other night and I am thinking some yummy SeaSpray tunabish would be just perfect on it. ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From One Ureteral Stentee to Another


The following comment is in response to a comment left by a reader who is also stented and experiencing pain with it. Ureteral stents are no day at the beach ...that's for sure. They commented on a post I wrote, "Kidney pain - Ureteral Stent - Prayer Request and Other Thoughts", on March 10, 2011. The commenter left their comment a few days ago and I have been remiss in writing a response until now. Then I decided I would also put it here. (I did add more to it in here.) I have actually forgotten about that post and that particular kidney pain.

It feels like it was so long ago ...another lifetime or something. 'Tis a good thing. :)

I am thrilled to say that it will be 1 year on march 17th that the last ureteral stent was removed and I am still stent free (YAY!!) and do believe I will remain stent free and am healed. I still pray for healing ...but I do believe that was the last one.

Suggestions/experiences from other ureterally stented or previously stented people are welcome. You can leave your suggestions in the comment section in the post I have linked to at the top of this post. Or ...just add them to this post. Not only are suggestions and experiences from other fellow uereteral stentees welcome ...but, also greatly appreciated. :)

Here is the comment I left: "Hi Jinah - I am sorry to hear you are having so much pain with your ureteral stent.

Tramadl only worked with smaller stent ..and even then during least active times. I had to take TWO at a time and took edge off ...but I still felt stent more than if took a percocet. I was mindful of meds and so tried to balance out. That being said ...I would not hesitate to take something stronger if needed.

So many variables. Size of stent, activity, duration of time in,spasms ..how strong and where. people probably react differently. I have experience with being stented, but each stent experience is unique.

Another thing ...I remember always feeling ..like ..ugh. Even if not in pain ..you just don't feel great. it's just always with you and not a good feeling. Don't know how to explain that.

And stents can tire you out. The larger the stent ...the more draining they can be. I don't know why a stent can cause one to feel tired. I suppose it is because it takes energy for the body to tolerate the stent because it is constantly trying to acclimate to the foreign body seemingly assaulting it from within. I was initially stented with a small stent in August 2010 and felt I could do more things then I had with the other stents. I hadn't been stented too long when I decided to swim at the Y and then I briefly did some water aerobics with weights and had to stop almost as soon as I began. I became so fatigued. Normally. that would not have happened. So ...getting proper rest and not overdoing it physically is important.

let's put it this way ...there is nothing so free feeling as becoming STENT FREE!

But ..as I wrote above ...I also had to have Detrol LA to help with bladder spasms. Even with a strong pain med - I could not imagine going without Detrol LA to help control bladder spasm. They can really hurt ..or you can just have this ongoing bladder pressure that does not let up and you think you are feeling it in other parts of your body when it really is only in your bladder. Pyridium ..because it numbs everything ..or helps to. And if kidney spasms - helps to lie on that side. I don't know why ..but it does. Warm shower helps. maybe you could soak in a warm tub?

You should talk with your physician about how much pain you are experiencing? maybe he/she doesn't know you need something stronger or these other meds. ?

Thank you for your prayers. There is certainly power in prayer. I will pray for you too Jinah.

I am happy to say that that big stent was removed on March 17th last March and I am doing great and am healed. I can hardly believe it is almost a year since it was removed. I keep praying I remain healed. I do believe I am.

I hope this stent works for you and you will be done with it soon.

Hang in there Jinah. And talk with your physician."

I will be writing more about my ureteral stent experiences soon. It's been on my mind ..even before this reader's comment. I guess because the one year anniversary is coming up. :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Go Giants!!!

All the women in my family will be wearing these on Sunday. Well ...we all won't be wearing them simultaneously ...that would be silly. We're not a family of tiny feet. ;) Okay ...fine ...I don't own these ...but do just love them. I'd definitely show team spirit by wearing them everywhere on Sunday. :)

What are you all planning to eat for Super Bowl night? Mr SeaSpray always likes to make something and he hadn't decided what as of last night. It's a pretty safe bet it will involve sausage or kielbasa. I think a nice big pot of chili would be great. I am surprising him with a stromboli. I haven't made it in ages, but figure that will hit the spot in a manly way. :) And a BIG salad and some kind of homemade dessert.
I hope it's an exciting game and may the best team win ...the GIANTS. :)

And HAPPY WEEKEND to everyone! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

No Title Necessary, But ...HAHAHAHA! :)


I checked it in Snopes and is a legend, passed around with various scenarios. Saw this in FB and had to share. Hope you got a chuckle out of it. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nothing says L-O-V-E like Bacon Roses ;)


Can you imagine having that bouquet sent to our men? Warm of course. If it's true "Food is the way to a man's heart" then that bacon bouquet says L-O-V-E forever. ;)