Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bish, Eggfetti and Knotted Hard Hair

So, what is bish and eggfetti?

Any guesses?

Bish is fish.

Eggfetti is what you get when you continually mush scrambled eggs in your hands. Go ahead ...try it... you'll see. And just like confetti ...the tiny and I do mean tiny scrambled egg pieces do land everywhere ...just like confetti and for an added bonus ...they even bounce.

Knotted hard hair - Self explanatory.

I discovered these things when I was watching Wrenna and Myles yesterday. :)

I made scrambled eggs and encouraged Myles to feed himself, but he opted to mush all his scrambled eggs in his hands. He was quite effective at turning said scrambled eggs into tiny pieces of egg so that his entire upper body ...including hair, pajamas, tray and floor were covered in eggfetti. (It reminded me of how confetti covers things.) It looked like a cooked egg exploded all over him and the highchair tray and area. Then after I let her (Faith - our dog) by the table .. the top of her head was also eggfettied. She loved it tho, because she of course went right into cleanup mode. Gotta love that about dogs. :) So, I just gave him my scrambled eggs that I fed to him. In the meantime ...Wrenna on the other side of me was thoroughly enjoying her eggs, English muffin and OJ. She L-O-V-E-S eggs.

Since I didn't have any eggs for myself, I decided to have the seafood salad I bought the night before. You know those little containers with the crab salad. She said "Sparkles!" and repeated it. I don't kow why she thought it sparkled, unless it was the pink, white and green combination in plastic. Anyway, she wanted some. I told her I didn't think she'd like it. But she asked again and so I gave her a small piece. I said, "It's fish."


"No fish"


"No it has an "F" sound ...ffffffISH."


I LOVE it! BISH! Ha ha ha ha ha! That is one of my new favorite words. :)

She ate it, seemed kind of surprised at the taste and then didn't want anymore.

Then later last night, I took my hair down while watching TV and was running my fingers through my hair ..except it was hurting and my fingers couldn't run smoothly through my hair. And their were all these hard, tangled areas. What the heck???!

Then I realized ...Wren was eating her eggs with Catsup which was on her fingers. After she finished ...I picked her up and she gave me a big hug and my hair was down at that point, but as the day progressed ...I put it up in a big hair comb. (Myles likes to pull my hair and jewelery :) I didn't even realize I had catsup tangled hair. :)

I love these children so very much. They keep me quite busy and bring so much joy into our family. Aren't children just so precious?!

Sweet memories. :)

I bought a really good Russian rye bread the other night and I am thinking some yummy SeaSpray tunabish would be just perfect on it. ;)

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