Sunday, February 12, 2012

Costco - the Other- Anti- depressant ;)

Well ...I have been in a kind of funk lately. Not sure why. It may be that I miss my friend more than I realize. More like an undercurrent feeling. Talking with her all the time was as natural as taking my next breath.

Imagine you couldn't take your next breath anymore.

Takes time ..I know.

I am now making a point of accepting and setting up social commitments. I really isolated for awhile ...not intentionally ...just did.

Anyway ...I HAVE to go to Costco today. I LOVE that store! I wonder if I will see the singing man or have an encounter with the Costo Nazi giving out samples? She cracks me up. I can't imagine why they have her handing out samples to people. At first I was put off by her and felt like I should apologize for asking. NOW ...I try her samples for the amusement. I know .."Bad SeaSpray ..BAD!" ;)

Anyway ...while I am nowhere near the shopaholic type ...If I were a doctor ...I'd prescribe shopping in Costco as the anti- anti-depressant to cure a funk. I'm just saying. ;)

Sea Spray Script


Dx: Winter Funk

Shop in the Costco of your choice for at least 2 hours -3 x week for 1 month.

(Give this script to the receptionist on your way out and she will give you Costco coupons and a comp discount of 1200.00 - 100.00 for each shopping event.)

Signed: Best Doctor in the Whole World, MD

Of course if we could just have a real winter with actual deep snow ...that would go a long way in perking me up too. Where is all the beautiful white snow this year???

And tomorrow - I will have the wee ones over and I LOVE that!!! :)

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