Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From One Ureteral Stentee to Another


The following comment is in response to a comment left by a reader who is also stented and experiencing pain with it. Ureteral stents are no day at the beach ...that's for sure. They commented on a post I wrote, "Kidney pain - Ureteral Stent - Prayer Request and Other Thoughts", on March 10, 2011. The commenter left their comment a few days ago and I have been remiss in writing a response until now. Then I decided I would also put it here. (I did add more to it in here.) I have actually forgotten about that post and that particular kidney pain.

It feels like it was so long ago ...another lifetime or something. 'Tis a good thing. :)

I am thrilled to say that it will be 1 year on march 17th that the last ureteral stent was removed and I am still stent free (YAY!!) and do believe I will remain stent free and am healed. I still pray for healing ...but I do believe that was the last one.

Suggestions/experiences from other ureterally stented or previously stented people are welcome. You can leave your suggestions in the comment section in the post I have linked to at the top of this post. Or ...just add them to this post. Not only are suggestions and experiences from other fellow uereteral stentees welcome ...but, also greatly appreciated. :)

Here is the comment I left: "Hi Jinah - I am sorry to hear you are having so much pain with your ureteral stent.

Tramadl only worked with smaller stent ..and even then during least active times. I had to take TWO at a time and took edge off ...but I still felt stent more than if took a percocet. I was mindful of meds and so tried to balance out. That being said ...I would not hesitate to take something stronger if needed.

So many variables. Size of stent, activity, duration of time in,spasms ..how strong and where. people probably react differently. I have experience with being stented, but each stent experience is unique.

Another thing ...I remember always feeling ..like ..ugh. Even if not in pain ..you just don't feel great. it's just always with you and not a good feeling. Don't know how to explain that.

And stents can tire you out. The larger the stent ...the more draining they can be. I don't know why a stent can cause one to feel tired. I suppose it is because it takes energy for the body to tolerate the stent because it is constantly trying to acclimate to the foreign body seemingly assaulting it from within. I was initially stented with a small stent in August 2010 and felt I could do more things then I had with the other stents. I hadn't been stented too long when I decided to swim at the Y and then I briefly did some water aerobics with weights and had to stop almost as soon as I began. I became so fatigued. Normally. that would not have happened. So ...getting proper rest and not overdoing it physically is important.

let's put it this way ...there is nothing so free feeling as becoming STENT FREE!

But ..as I wrote above ...I also had to have Detrol LA to help with bladder spasms. Even with a strong pain med - I could not imagine going without Detrol LA to help control bladder spasm. They can really hurt ..or you can just have this ongoing bladder pressure that does not let up and you think you are feeling it in other parts of your body when it really is only in your bladder. Pyridium ..because it numbs everything ..or helps to. And if kidney spasms - helps to lie on that side. I don't know why ..but it does. Warm shower helps. maybe you could soak in a warm tub?

You should talk with your physician about how much pain you are experiencing? maybe he/she doesn't know you need something stronger or these other meds. ?

Thank you for your prayers. There is certainly power in prayer. I will pray for you too Jinah.

I am happy to say that that big stent was removed on March 17th last March and I am doing great and am healed. I can hardly believe it is almost a year since it was removed. I keep praying I remain healed. I do believe I am.

I hope this stent works for you and you will be done with it soon.

Hang in there Jinah. And talk with your physician."

I will be writing more about my ureteral stent experiences soon. It's been on my mind ..even before this reader's comment. I guess because the one year anniversary is coming up. :)

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