Saturday, February 4, 2012

Go Giants!!!
All the women in my family will be wearing these on Sunday. Well ...we all won't be wearing them simultaneously ...that would be silly. We're not a family of tiny feet. ;) Okay ...fine ...I don't own these ...but do just love them. I'd definitely show team spirit by wearing them everywhere on Sunday. :)

What are you all planning to eat for Super Bowl night? Mr SeaSpray always likes to make something and he hadn't decided what as of last night. It's a pretty safe bet it will involve sausage or kielbasa. I think a nice big pot of chili would be great. I am surprising him with a stromboli. I haven't made it in ages, but figure that will hit the spot in a manly way. :) And a BIG salad and some kind of homemade dessert.
I hope it's an exciting game and may the best team win ...the GIANTS. :)

And HAPPY WEEKEND to everyone! :)