Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day :)

Using up the beef in our freezer, except for the meatball mixture I will be using ...I'm surprising Mr SeaSpray with a sirloin tip roast. The sure way to tell your carnivore man you love him. ;)

The thing is when talking with him over the weekend after having so much kielbasa, pepperoni, ham and things like that lately (making a face of revulsion even as I type. I like it ...but a girl can only take so much - gee. Super Bowl time is why I didn't resist ..but should have. And then I still made the Stromboli.) , Oh right finish original sentence ...I said that we should not have any more red meat and definitely no more of the sausages, etc ...until St Patrick's day when I will make the corned beef and cabbage.

Wait if I am really honest ...he didn't answer back and was watching TV and so the reality of that "conversation" is that he probably didn't hear much of what I said. he never answered me and I went back to what I was doing. Well ...I'll bet he heard .."sausage, kielbasa, pepperoni, ham, and beef." And I'll bet he DIDN'T hear "chicken and fish and if you JUST TRY salmon" I'm not sure what that actually translated to in his mind. That I was a GREAT wife! Because I brought up his favorite foods and must be doing something with them?

So ...that "conversation" aside ...tonight he walked in with a RUMP ROAST. And with a recipe he wanted me to make in the crock pot.

No ..you know what? He did hear me because he must've seen my brief reaction when I saw the roast and he said. "I know. but it was HALF price. And NOW they put the meat right at the FRONT of the store." (Men do so whine. ;) I said "That was a smooth move on Shoprite's part ..someone must've done a study."

But if I use meat as a pseudo opiate on him, it mellows him for getting him to go without resistance for a Christmas tree. ;) Therefore - Valentine-Schmalintine -HE must've been doing the same when he also gave me the gourmet dark chocolates (with nuts inside - my favorites kind :) with a really nice card at the same time he pulled out THE ROAST. We all know women react favorably to chocolate. ;)

I did something funny today ..regarding Valentine's Day ...but don't know if I should tell you. But ...it sure did feel GOOD to say even This much. of course the problem with letting even a little secret out ...the rest of it wants to flood out of the dam. ;)
Update - The roast was so tender ...melt in your mouth tender. And OMGOSH ...the chocolate is melt-in-your mouth DELICIOUS. It isn't filled with nuts ...which I love .... it is a hazelnut chocolate filling that is simply exquisite. I took a picture of the candy ...because it turns out it is quite fitting for a SeaSpray. The chocolates are in the shape of various types of SEA shells, SEA horses and Star Fish. This SeaSpray gives that chocolate candy a 5 starfish rating. :)

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