Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Like Bowling Pins

So ...I was driving home from church tonight and managed to stop just short of hitting a herd of deer ..frozen in the headlights. Okay ..maybe not a herd like on Rawhide ...but four or five staggered together ..with 2 about to step from the field into the road.

My can attest to the fact that my breaks do work.

And my heart was boinging out of my chest!

If I had driven a few miles faster or left a few seconds earlier ...they all would've been sent flying like bowling pins in a strike.

Or ...I would've hit quite a wall ..ugh ..thankfully ..none of that happened. I never think of them this time of year I do when it is hunting season in fall, etc.

Mental note made ..* be mindful deer are still crossing roads.

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