Sunday, February 12, 2012

Revised- Uh Oh ...We Have TWO Cat's Behaving This Way...

How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you

I just have to say ...we still have Mom's cat who looks just like the gray cat staring in this picture... because he IS all gray and stares just like that. When our dog wants to walk past him ...she will cry until we move him our of her way. While fixing his cold ..defiant and angry stare on her without twitching a muscle ...he really looks like he is saying, "Come on want to mess with ME? Bring it on. Bring-it-on." Even Bob, our very large German Shepherd would NOT walk past this cat. Too funny. Although ....sometimes he even scares me ...especially when he howls for no apparent reason at night and is so loud ...people on the phone have thought it was a baby or child. It's actually haunting. No wonder mom thought she heard him meowing when she was in the nursing home. And he yodels ...LOUDLY before he leaves a fur ball for a present. Never had a car that was so loud this way. He is actually very sweet and affectionate. Just don't mess with him. ;)