Monday, February 20, 2012


Random cat picture - no connection to this post. Oh wait! YES there is. The "OMG WTF" is the connection. Oh ...and we all know that "F" is for "FUDGE" ...right?

I couldn't believe it. I sat there frozen for maybe 20- seconds if staring would make it all better.

Talk about denial and let downs.

Oh ...this happened ...after I erroneously touched a button when I was moving the remote off of something ... and then the 2 hour Celebrity Apprentice I had placed on pause ...just vanished.


I didn't panic because I recorded it.

I-could-NOT-believe-I-did-NOT-r-e-c-o-r-d it!

That is when I just froze with remote held in air pointing at the TV. I gave up finding it after 2 scrolls down the list ...when I already knew anything new is at the top.

I was beside myself. I was so looking forward to it. I only saw up to where they were still competing with selling sandwiches.

I was reminded of something tonight.

It never worked in the past and it didn't work tonight.

No matter how l-O-N-G you stare at the TV cannot make the shows of your choice appear back on the screen. Believe me ..if it were possible it would've happened tonight.

I was Bummed with a capital "B". And I know you can watch some shows on line, but I don't like doing that. I don't know if you can with them anyway. But, then I remembered something I read on line before the show started. CNBC is airing it again Saturday night. YAY!

So ...I do have it set to record.

Now, I just hope I can avoid hearing who won. So SHHHHHH! Keep it a secret!

There is one perk in this. I won't have to wait so long to watch the 2nd episode.

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