Sunday, February 26, 2012

Salmon, Healthy Lifestyle Changes, etc.

I am baking a small salmon fillet in the oven as I type. I've never baked fresh salmon before. So ..I'm winging it a little. I did look up a few recipes and am making it with a honey mustard sauce over the top of it. I used Greek oregano instead of the thyme. I thought the Greek Oregano was our garden thyme because the oregano leaves dried so tiny. I should've smelled or read the bag. However, it smells good - sure it will taste good. Not being a fish eater...I always want to cover the fishy taste. I was going to try it with olive oil, sea salt and pepper with a little lemon, but went for the sauce. I LOVE Tuna fish. But, recently read that because of mercury, we should only have it 3 times a month. Oh and I put olive oil on the pan so it wouldn't stick. I left that dark skin on it on the underside as I assumed I should bake with it that way. Also having with spinach. I just can't get enough spinach these days. I crave spinach like I crave apples. :)

And this time I am recording the Celebrity Apprentice and having dinner while watching that. I do love to eat when watching TV. I totally zone out that way. :) However, I hardly do that now. I have been losing weight again. I should be a lot lower since November, but admittedly weakened around the holidays and after. Although I did not gain horribly at all ..only a few lbs all total and that is gone and a bit more. That is actually a major deal for me because I could gain as easily as the next inhale. I do feel I am in a downward mode again and this time it is significant or it will be because I am headed into territory I haven't been in since the end of 1987. YAY! Not quite ..but 10 more lbs and I am there. :) It would seem ...I really have SLOWLY but surely changing my unhealthy ways.

Sleep habits are the next big thing to tackle.

Well ..timer went off and so time to enjoy it. Oh also ..I noticed that I can still lose weight eating at this time of night, providing it is a healthy choice and not in excess and I did not over eat during the day ..which I did not.

Oh and getting me to exercise consistently is also a key change I need to make.

I'd love to have a tried and true salmon recipe if anyone feels like sharing. I saw one recipe with a vodka sauce (yum), but no Vodka in the house. I saw something with goat cheese that looked good too.

I am watching the babies all day tomorrow and can't wait! :)

And I will come back and write a uro post after I eat dinner. I'll avoid all the commercials and then go back to watch. :)
Update - Salmon was delicious. And so was the sauce I made. I think I may get hooked on this fish. :) Plus ...I don't know if it was my imagination or what ...but after having the salmon and spinach ...I felt more alert and energetic ...too much so for 9:30 at night.

Loved the Celebrity apprentice!

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