Monday, February 13, 2012

SeaSpray's Family CIRCUS Morning

So d-i-l walked in today to pick up the kids the sound of our fire alarm going off, Faith,our dog ...HOWLING at said fire alarm while I repeated, "Good girl Faith ..Good girl!" and smoke throughout the house. And baby Myles ...began crying ...LOUDLY ...the no consoling kind of crying because he was tired and wanting a bottle and probably not too happy with the noise and smoke in the house. He just wanted Mommy at that point. breakfast dishes still around and toys scattered everywhere.

The reason there was smoke throughout the house, the fire alarm going off and dog howling, was because Wrenna and I had made some Valentine cookies that were baking in the oven. Fortunately ...all this activity is not the norm when I bake. But was SeaSpray's family circus.

Anyway ...thankfully ...the cookies weren't burning even though the smoke was pouring out of the oven. Oh no wasn't the cookies. We couldn't even smell the COOKIES.

Thankfully ...they didn't TASTE like smoked sugar cookies.

It turns out the smoke came from the grease that must've spilled off the Stromboli's I made Friday night and I obviously didn't clean up. But ...all this smoke didn't go through the house Friday night and so I must've turned them off before it built up. It was SMOKEY in here today.

Did I tell you that I also had - still have a headache that won't quit? For 2 days. Not hideous ...but enough to be annoying and cause me to be a tad grouchy. But I prefer a tad grouchy over a funk like yesterday. Actually ...I prefer sheer bliss over both. Anyway bliss today. :) Oh and I can't get rid of the headache because our I-Buprofen expired December, 2010. OOPS.

Earlier ...Wrenna helped me with the cookies. She placed them all on the baking stone. And she also helped stir the scrambled eggs we had for breakfast. She quite the little helper. :)

I RARELY and I mean like don't even remember the last time RARELY that I bought fake ...canned cookies to make. But, they had little hearts in the middle and I knew Wrenna would like that. Then she colored on the back of 3 cards that came with the box, I wrote who they were to and her name and date. Then amidst all the smokey turmoil, wrapped up three Valentine plates of cookies and red wrapped chocolate peanut butter candy, putting her cards on top. One for Mommy and Daddy, one for her sister "Dennan", (Devan), one for her great grandma and one for her great aunt.

They left and I began cleaning up. I opened the windows to let the smoke out and began cleaning up. I was looking forward to relaxing ..maybe even a nap hopes the headache would dissipate. Then I closed the windows, but when I closed the last one I knocked a delicate, glass tree onto the kitchen tile. And of course this glass just had to shatter everywhere ...and I do mean through the entire half of kitchen. *Sigh* As I was getting the vacuum out ...Faith ..our dog decided she had to walk over to that area right through the glass. As I desperately tried to get her to go out out of the kitchen ..she went opposite ..right thru the glass and under the table. Why? Got her out and began vacuuming. Of course once I got going with that ...I decided to vacuum everything. Would've vacuumed up the cats if they got in my way. Then I dusted. I was actually happy to dust because I had a new can of lemon Pledge. I don't know why that made me happy ...but it did.

So ...I was pleased with everything being done and the floors all clean and put the vacuum away. I walked back into the kitchen in time to see Mom's cat vomit all over the tile. Why did it have to scatter? So ...that is still there. NO - KIDDING! Tempting tho - I hate vomit of any kind. I have a definite aversion to projectile body fluids. I'm just saying. I cleaned it up, wiped it down and the kitchen was clean until I made dinner.

Why is it that I can't work with flour or cabbage without it looking like a bomb went off ...both in the kitchen and on me. We aren't having cabbage tonight ..but that is my other challenging food to work with. :)

I will clean the kitchen again after dinner.

Never did get that nap. I am so going to go to bed early tonight. And I better not get a second wind. Still have this headache ..behind my eyes and in upper part of my head.

Oh and one more thing.

2 words.

Cat litter.

I have such disdain for cat litter. And that is all I'm saying about that for now. Well ...except it's like beach sand ...everywhere ...only not as much fun.

And even though I was and am still a tad grouchy ...I really had fun with the kids this morning. They are so sweet ...always giving us big happy smiles (unless the house fills with smoke and noisy fire alarms and howling dogs. :), and warm hugs. Actually ...Wren was totally fine with it and just happy about her cookies she helped make and the cards she scribbled on. :)I LOVE seeing through their eyes and sharing in their sheer joy and happy expectations with what they experience.

I read to them while we ate breakfast. They both seemed to take everything I said in - so sweet.

And I love how Wrenna says, "English muppin." I did correct her, but like she says bish for fish (did it again this morning) , she still prefers "muppin."

Also sweet, Mr SeaSpray had been watching TV and Myles was sitting next to him on the couch and for the entire time ...was just staring up at him. He loves his Papa. :)

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