Monday, February 27, 2012

What You Don't Want to Happen on Your Way to Bed

You don't want to get pot roasted!

Nah ...that's not it.

I couldn't believe it ...just could not. There I was midnight my kitchen ...shards of glass everywhere ...E-V-E-R-W-H-E-R-E. *Sigh!*

That was about an hour ago.

Just before going to bed, I got the idea to take a frozen rump roast, rub seasoning into it and place it in the crock pot. And so I did. Then feeling pretty pleased about it ...knowing the house would already be smelling some kind of good when the guys got up and that dinner would be well on it's way ..with a very tender roast and excellent drippings. I'd add vegetables in the morning. That's what I was thinking about as I washed the dust off the lid, but as I dried it the handle snapped off and the glass lid hit the floor hard shooting all over the floor.

I froze like I always do when I don't want to face a big cleaning mess that just happened. As if standing perfectly still and staring at the mess would make it all go away like it never happened. And I was disappointed, because I wouldn't be able to cook the roast now. I was glad that son heard the noise and came out and he even helped sweep and got the vacuum hooked up for me. He's thoughtful like that. :) So ..after getting the glass off the little rugs and vacuuming the entire kitchen (might as well - in the mode now), I vacuumed the family room too. Came back and got the roast into a smaller crock pot. It didn't exactly fit and so I had to seal foil over it until it shrinks down. Btw, this smaller crock pot is from 1975 - a gift at my bridal shower. That little one is still going strong ...and the larger crock pot is only a few years old. Eh ... the lid never sealed as well on the newer crock pot anyway.

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