Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Different Dental Experience

I went in to have a tooth that was just worked on, reevaluated. I am having a hard time biting down on it. I do believe it needs a cap and instead he used composite to just fill the broken side. It looks good ...but I get this odd sensation that prevents me from wanting to eat on that side. Monday will be 3 weeks since the work was done. He said it is stable. I know what I feel and the last time I went through this, a tooth broke. I will talk about that when I write the serious post about all of this.

Anyway ...he ended up working on another tooth ...also broken on the inside ..that the other dentist has refused to cap ..stating, "Lets just watch it and see how it does." This doc least filled it with composite and it looks better and will at least be stronger.

So ..that job was more involved yesterday.

I l-o-a-t-h-e being at the dentist. I am definitely anxious about anything a dentist would do to me. Ah ...see my choice of words. "Do TO me." A dentist is working FOR you. And I greatly appreciate their services. It's just ..just like the first two times my first urologist YANKED those stents out in his office ...set me up to be forever guarded about any procedures done in clinic vs under anesthesia. So is with the BAD dental experiences. It mostly goes well ...but you just never know when you will be subjected to the most excruciating pain.

For me the absolute worst was the night my main dentist was doing a root canal. He intentionally touched the nerve to see if I'd react. OMG! I cried out, tears instantly streamed down my face (happened with the ureteral stent removal too) while simultaneously slipping down into the dental chair. He did apologize ...but that jaded me forever.

Admittedly ...I am one of those patients that you have to assist her in prying her fingers off the dental chair when it's over.

So, yesterday it was his partner that was going to do this work. Just as he was about to do the Novocaine ..I said .."Wait!" and proceeded to tell him to please use plenty of Novocaine because I really am very sensitive to dental work. He said everyone is and that he would.

BUT ...the last time I was there he didn't use enough and I could feel it a little and his assistant told me he uses as little as possible. I want as much as is truly needed so I don't feel a thing.

Anyway ...this dentist is sooooo gentle in my mouth. It is like a feather is doing the work. He had to drill. She had to do the suction thing. I had to hold my mouth open. He had to put that clamp on, etc.

The FUNNY thing is that this SeaSpray who is mortified ..totally anxious and non trusting of what will happen when dental work is going on ...almost fell ASLEEP. That just NEVER happens.

I was soooo relaxed, enjoying their conversation and he was amazing working in my mouth. In the past ...even though I am numb always feels like a construction crew is working in there. Yanking, drilling, pushing, etc. But, not yesterday. Instead, I was right at that point between reality and falling asleep and was not gripping the chair as I always do. It was like someone cast a spell over me.

But then ...I suddenly cried out in pain! Because the drill slipped and put a little hole in my upper lip. He said he was sorry. The whole time I was wondering, Is it a scar it bleeding?" And it stung. Is it any wonder I feel apprehensive about going to the dentist?

It feels better today and did heal over. 'Tis a good thing. The tooth looks good. Despite the drill accident ...I prefer this new partner over my other dentist. And I really am pretty sure my dentist has opted not to fix things because he wants to keep my ins money. But, more on that another time. And why stay? Because he is only one in the area on this dental plan. But, I haven't checked on that in a few years and so I should again.

I have a lot to say about my experiences and admittedly was a bit slow on the uptake. But, I prefer to think the best of someone and so it takes me awhile to acknowledge a situation. Plus ...I trust doctors to do what is best for me and to care. It's weird how fairly recently eyes have been opened to some ...less then stellar medical experiences. Which I knew ..logically ..we all know that there are quality and not so quality people in every profession. I just have had way more positive experiences and I am grateful for that.

And I do hesitate in writing something negative. But, I have written mostly from a patient perspective in this blog. Mostly positive ...downright GLOWING about some physicians and medical experiences. However, if I am honest with my writing ...then I should tell the other side too.

Anyway ...except for the drill incident ...this dentist really feels like a feather is working in my mouth and that is simply amazing.

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