Monday, March 26, 2012

I Stood My Ground

It wasn't easy for me to do either and you won't believe how insistent I had to be. Unbelievable! And in the cleaning room and then in the working room. Major resistance on my main dentist's part. Pretty sure he's mad at me ...if not definitely annoyed. But hey know what? SO-AM-I!

I wrote more ...but there is so much to write. I made sure his staff knew what my understandable concerns. And I got the phone number for the Delta plan ...which I WILL be calling tomorrow.

By the way .... the whole stand my ground thing should know that I am basically Jello ...that will melt on the floor with confrontation ...UNLESS it is for a cause injustice. I mean ...I can certainly be assertive and am when I have to be. But, the idea of going against a doctor when he wants something done or not done ... feels really uncomfortable for me and in past I just always get quiet and go along. (Except for uro surgery and my urologists have worked with me and that is totally different reason why I resisted. I 100% understand the recommendations and both trust and respect those docs.)

But this whole dental thing ...something just is not right. I never want to believe the worst and it takes me a long time to accept that a professional or anyone I have trusted with a situation or outcome in my life, would not have my best interest as a patient or friend, etc., at heart.

I guess I haven't lost all of my naivete.

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