Thursday, March 1, 2012

My FB Post - Gemini and Pisces DO Mix - About Birthdays, etc.

Iris and me. I actually grew to 5'8" (an inch taller as adults) - funny how much difference a year makes when you're little.

The following post is something I just put up in fb today and so yes ...getting a 2 for 1 post today. And yes ..I know we're not supposed to write much in FB, but briefly comment. I'm still a blogger at heart and always will be - writing is a passion for me. I had better get making that stew beyond browning the meat or for dinner, Mr SeaSpray is going to have chunks of meat with a side of vegetables on a plate ...with raw brownie soup for dessert. ;)
Sharing my heart (Birthday wishes for husband and friend): Happy Birthday to my husband Jim. He doesn't know it, but I am surprising him with stew (he's such a carnivore :) and Ghiardelli (sp?) brownies for dinner tonight. We are having our family celebration on Sunday and I am thinking I will make chicken Parmesan because he loved it a couple of weeks ago when I made it. My family never did a lot to celebrate birthdays. We exchanged birthday presents and had cake ...but it was pretty uneventful. Jim's family has always made EVERY birthday a special event and I LOVE it! We all do. :)

And Devan, now 10 has been the official birthday cake tester since she was about 3. before we cut the cake ..she tests the icing using her finger (she gets that slice) and has always given her approval that the cake was good and ready to eat. :) I have so many cute pics and videos of her doing that. I imagine she will be passing this important job down to Wrenna pretty soon. :)

And Happy Birthday to my dear friend Iris, in heaven now. Hey I, do you remember the time I made a birthday cake for you and Jim? to have after dinner and you were both in early 30s and so I put 65 candles on the cake ...and by the time I got it over to the table to sing and have you guys blow out the candles was like one big flame was shooting up from the middle of the cake and the fire alarm went off, but we still did it. We were concerned and laughed so hard. I have that pic somewhere. :)

Yes ...I actually stopped to take a picture *before* they blew the cake fire out.:)

Also, I don't follow astrology at all, but if I had any doubt ...all I have to do is remember that the astrological advice for a Gemini is that they are not compatible with a Pisces and yet my husband and lifelong friend are Pisces. Air and water don't mix. That sure wasn't true.

Friends forever :)

Anyway ...I do *love and miss* you my friend. And when you see your parents or my Mom and family and Mrs Berry (the lady that led us to salvation in Christ when we were little girls of 9 and 10) - give them a big hug from me and tell them thank you for all that they did for and meant to me down here. :)

I imagine the birthday celebration up there is awesome. Desserts heavenly perfection and non caloric too ...of course :)