Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Upside Down ...Like a BAT!"

That is what Mr SeaSpray said about his experience in the dental chair last night. He said he went into the exam room at 6pm and didn't come out until 7:30 pm. He had to have an impression done to get a cap made and then have a temporary cap made and filed down.

He said the dentist had him reclined all the way back that he was almost upside down. That's understandable because he needed to work in the upper mouth area. But, the dentist continually left ..stating he'd be back in a minute. But, he didn't return for long periods of time. However, he never put Mr SeaSpray right side up or at least elevate his upper body somewhat. Of course Mr SeaSpray could've asked them to do that. He didn't. I don't know why. So for at least an hour and probably longer ...he was in that, "Upside down a BAT position."

The last time I had that particular dentist to have some work done, he did the same thing to me. He never did it before and I've been going to him for over a decade. Well ...after about 15 minutes ...I called out to someone, anyone that could hear me because I was uncomfortable. The assistant came in, apologized and elevated me. Then the next time he left, I asked him to please elevate me more and he did.

But, what the heck? Is that to save time? Save electricity? Why would anyone leave their patients upside down? Is it even good for you? I used to purposely stand on my head for periods of time when I was in my teens and twenties. I thought it was good to do ..a Yoga thing. But not for an hour straight. I suppose it helps circulation ...but what about all the blood in your head now? I would think it might be harder to pump the blood back up through your body if left that way for an extended period of time. And what if you're hypertensive - does that matter? I'm just wondering. ???


rlbates said...

I was just at the dentist for the same thing on Monday! Fortunately mine remembered to re-sit me up without being reminded. :)

SeaSpray said...

You too? I'll be going for the same on Friday. Already dreading it.

I hope it was/will be uneventful for you.

Yes ... 'tis a good thing when they remember to sit you back up. :)

And this is extreme - weird.

I'm disappointed in him too. he tries to withhold Novocaine (if he thinks it's minimal work)..whereas he always gave it in the past.

he tells me to see how it goes when teeth have broken and just fills them. I have to write the post.