Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waiting ...in the WRONG Wating Room!

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Have you ever just been so sure of something, that you didn't need anyone to tell you anything about where your going? Because after all ...been there ...done that ...you know the layout. "Oh ...I know EXACTLY where that is." Except ...as it turns out ...you DON'T know where you are supposed to be. *sigh*

I brought a friend to a physician's office ...or so I thought. She had been there before too. We both have ...or so I thought.

Her appointment was going to take awhile and so I told her to go ahead, that I just wanted to put a little more makeup on ...painted woman that I can be. :) And I wrote a thank you note and all the while listening to information about the Supreme Court arguments ...which I find fascinating.

So ...there I am in the waiting room ...waiting ...with all the other people in the waiting room. I brought something to read ...but just couldn't focus on it. Ha! Focus ...interesting choice of words since I was waiting in an opthamology office. So I redirected my focus to items that facilitate focus ...their eyeglass store within the waiting room area.

I sauntered over there ...perusing the sunglasses. The next thing I knew ...I found myself trying on designer sunglasses (A SeaSpray can dream :), while chatting with the woman assisting me ...until we were interrupted by Pachelbel's Canon in D Major ...playing a bit too loudly for a waiting room environment.

"Huh ...it's my friend ...why is she calling me from inside?"

"Where are you?", she asks.

"Where AM I? I'm in the waiting room."

"You're IN the WAITING room?"

"Yeah, I'm trying on sunglasses."

"Your WHAT?! What do you mean Your trying on sunglasses?"

"I'm trying on sunglasses in their eyeglass shop. Actually I need regular glasses, but I really liked"

"WHAT eyeglass shop?!"

"You know ..where they sell the glasses in the waiting room? I'm sitting right here trying them on. You must've walked straight out and not looked over in this direction. Where are YOU?!"

"I'm standing out front looking for you! I thought maybe you went up to the hospital to visit someone."

"HOSPITAL?! No-o-o-o ...I'm right here! And my car is parked straight in front of you. Just come back in and"

"Where are you?"

Now getting exasperated, "I'm in the WAITING room you just left ...come back in and look to your right and"

Then there she was ...standing right by me ...still talking to me on her cell phone. Ha ha!

She said, "I was wondering, How much MAKEUP is she putting on? WHERE is she planning on going?" :)

She informed me that I was in the wrong office and then I was confused. After all ...I know where this opthamology group is. I used to go to there ...and not that long ago. And besides ...I even happened to notice their names on the sign right near the door and her doctor's name was on it.

"What do you mean this isn't the right office?"

She asked, "Didn't you look at the arrows?"

"WHAT arrows?"

"The little arrows by their name."

It turns out his little arrow went in the opposite direction. No ...I definitely did not process that.

While I was waiting in the opthamology office waiting room ...she was in the SURGICAL opthamology office or center a few doors down. Actually, I don't know what they call themselves since I never made it down to their door. The regular office always seemed so large to me and I just assumed they had surgical suites in the back somewhere.

After we left, we went to Cafe Pierrot where she treated me to a late lunch ...or as Seinfeld would say ..."Linner", late lunch - early dinner. :) It was yummy. I had the Tuscan vegetable sandwich, soooo good. I love that little place. And I love that we had a nice leisurely linner ...filled with good conversation and laughter. :)

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