Sunday, March 11, 2012
We had a great family day celebrating Mr SeaSpray's birthday today. I'm glad he is over the worst of his cold now.
We missed having Aunt Margie. She is still under the weather a bit from her cold too. We sent a plate of dinner with birthday cake over to her and a get well card that we all signed. Little Wrenna had the most to write on the card (She was so serious about what she was writing - too cute :) and Devan signed her name for her on her "writing." :)
We had chicken Parmesan, vegetables, angel hair pasta and warm wholegrain Italian bread. Mom (Jim's mom) made his birthday cake. It's been tradition for all these years that she makes most of the birthday cakes - YUMMY. (Her birthday is next the end of the month:) I like mine the best because I have a June birthday and so she always makes me either a strawberry and whip cream angel food cake or a Hawaiian wedding cake (pineapple, whip cream and pudding, etc.) and I love them both. Jim's was chocolate cake, chocolate pudding and vanilla icing.

I had THREE pieces! With ice cream. But that is because ...when I left the area the first two times ...Faith ..our dog ..jumped up and took them! It is a new bad habit she started a couple of months ago. So ..I finally got my THIRD piece of cake. Yeah ...that's it ..I had THREE pieces of cake because of *the dog*... never mind I did have some bites out of the first two. ;)

2 1/2 yr old Wrenna ..after just sitting down to eat dinner ..exclaimed, "I L-O-V-E din-ner!" And was continually appreciative through the whole meal sweet. Devan ..still our official cake tester of the icing ...once again gave us her approval that the cake was edible. Another birthday tradition we have. And Myles cute as ever. He was singing a lot when he first got here cute.:) And a bit fussy at the end ..probably tired. I love that he almost fell asleep on me when I was rocking him ..but had to get up. Later ..Devan handed her Pa pa his birthday gifts. She's always such a good helper. The girls each made him birthday pictures and he always saves every card and picture they make. Who says men aren't sentimental? :) And then their Dad Jonathan ..helped me with the birthday cake. he always brings the cake out singing "Happy Birthday" louder than anyone (Thankfully the apple fell far from the tree and he CAN carry a tune :), and keeps the last note going until all the candles are burned out. Love it! Uncle Chris always was great playing with his nieces and nephew. And Peggy (our d-i-l) is a great cook and so it warmed my heart knowing she thought the chicken Parm was good. She can cook for me any day. I WANT some of her Chicken Marsala cause I know it has to be some kind of good ..all her stuff is. I LOVE Chicken Marsala. Actually ...I like wine in cooking better than drinking it. :) And I got some great shots on the video camera. And when they were leaving ...little Wrenna had to run back just to say she loved me and good bye again and then she shouts it from the van. She's got me wrapped around her little pinky finger I tell you. Ha! they ALL do. :)

And I was mindful that it was Aunt Dee's Birthday today. I really missed her and my mom being here. Hopefully they got a peek from above. I think God somehow works it out that our loved ones see the special moments. I remember hearing Billy Graham saying that once.

Life has sure presented some challenges these last 6 yrs ...but I'm so grateful for all the blessings we still have.

Well ..gotta go - watching the Apprentice. I DO love that show! And the kids will be here in the morning and I need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed when they get here. Night. :)

PS - Apprentice over. I really wish Adam didn't get fired. I'll miss his humor. Boy he's funny. Gotta give him credit though ...he felt he should take the hit for the team because he was the project manager, even though he did a good job.