Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weather and other Things On My Mind

Lilies from our Garden (last year)

I didn't know what to call this post because I can't articulate how I feel about it. Weird? Crazy? Don't know what to make of it? Go with the flow? When in Rome ...

What am I talking about?


It has this SeaSpray - Jersey girl longing for the snow ...feeling like something is missing. I'm one of those people who thrives in frigid temperatures and loves the winter landscapes. Instead it has felt like one long warm November. Heck ...Novembers are usually more like winter than what we've had. I don't like the hardships cold, snowy winters bring though. Where people have accidents and energy bills are through the roof adding additional financial hardship to strained budgets.

I am extremely grateful for the lower energy costs because the electric and oil are large bills in our budget. I know that is true for so many people. And it affects businesses too ...adding to their ever increasing overhead. And then the whole trickle down effect of that. I could get all political about it, but that would be digressing. Suffice it to know I think that the current energy policies that do not allow for taking action in the present ...while still researching other alternatives, are seriously hurting most American people at all levels. Middle and lower adversely affected the most.

Anyway, this past weekend ... I actually wore a strapless beach cover up and flip flops because I had nothing cooler to wear. They put the a/c on at the vet's office while we were there and it felt sooo good. It was only mid march! I sat in the sun last week. I think tomorrow I will again. I know the sun is more intense in April than in the summer and so will be mindful to use sunscreen. Our windows have been open ...even at night. the peepers sound wonderful. I always think of my friend Iris when they and the summer locusts first come out because she is the one who first caused me to notice them with appreciation. :) Ducks came back and were swimming on the pond a few weeks ago. Flowers already blooming. The cherry trees are already blooming in Washington.

And Mr SeaSpray planted peas yesterday. Well're supposed to plant peas in March ...but he's never done it in just an undershirt. Herbs. I'm looking forward to expanding my herb garden.

And sneakers our cat is just loving this weather ...spending more time out than in.

Sneakers in the Hostas

It got so warm in here after I opened the windows today and so I asked son to bring some summer clothes down from the attic. And I am wearing a casual cotton sundress now. It is just soooo weird.

I remember my uncle telling me that Fairhope, Alabama is just perfect in March. Nice temperatures before it gets unbearably hot. I wonder ...are the southern states unseasonably hot right now if we are so warm up here now? And ...I was thinking it would be so NEAT if we could open our swimming pool next month if this keeps up. Just put a solar cover on it. I am also wondering if we SHOULD open it up sooner even if we can't swim because all this heat may turn the water all green with these warm temperatures. I did hear on the news that it will be more "insecty" ...yes the male talk show guest said "insecty" and is not a SeaSpray euphemism this time. :) he said to watch our plants carefully and take action if needed. We never use pesticides, so I hope it won't be all that bad.

Even though I missed the snow this year ...I don't want it now. I even took all our snowmen winter scenes down earlier. I keep displays and white lights on trees in the windows another excuse to keep white lights on because I like them. :)

I do feel this intense urge to spring clean too. And tackle outdoor projects. I want to either re-stain or paint our Adirondack chairs and can't decide which way to go with that. I'm bummed that we never got to use our pressure hose. We loaned it to friends for a weekend. Didn't use it right away, but when we did didn't work. :( So ''I'll have to hand sand. Wait can you "hand sand" or do I have to sand by hand? Either way ...hand sand is fun to say. Go ahead ..say it. hand sand. ;)

Younger son (on spring break) took our dog, Faith, and is out hiking with his friends. (I just noticed he left her leash on the counter. I wonder how THAT is working out?) Gorgeous day for it. She's loving it, I'm sure. :) He will be graduating college this spring. Wow ...that went by soooo fast.

And last thing ...I saw this neat book in Costco the other night. I skimmed through the pages and I wanted to do all of it and make all of it. It was a good sized hard covered book with fabulous pictures of different kinds of different picnic themes. Now I want to go on a picnic!

It has been so long since we did anything like that and we have 3 pretty parks in our area and the Delaware water gap isn't that far either. And God knows I have so many baskets to fill up with some tasty food. I mentioned it to my d-i-l the other night. It would be fun to bring all kinds of food, blankets, balls, fishing poles (has to be water near by - that is a SeaSpray picnic prerequisite. :) Books, cameras, bubbles, kite, Frisbee, ball, sand toys ...whatever might be fun. the only thing I would like to see left behind is ALLLLL electronics. If they come along ..then I know some they will be checking messages, playing electronic games, etc. I think it is important to totally get away from the world for a few hours. Just enjoy each other and nature with no outside interference. I honestly don't know if the kids will agree though.

So ...I guess when all is said and done ...I am liking this balmy March weather. But is such a weird feeling. Although, it was officially spring yesterday.

Happy Spring to all! :)

PS - It will be fun to put more pictures up once I scan some or add more to my folder. These pics were from last year.

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