Monday, March 19, 2012

Surprise Creamer and the rest of the story :)

The title to this post isn't about the Irish soda bread biscuits I made - they were really good. The oven wasn't free for me to bake the round and with a cross in the center, Irish soda bread like I usually do. And I had to cook them at a lower temperature than the recipe calls for. So, I improvised making mini muffins instead.

One of our aunts likes to have evaporated milk in her coffee. I didn't buy any the other night because I saw a can in the closet. So, last night I made a pot of coffee when we were about to have dessert. I shook the can. Then ...I got the opener and put too openings in the can, flipped it over and nothing came out.

Perplexed ... I said, "What the heck?!"

I flipped the can back over ...saw red and then loudly exclaimed, "EWWWWWW!" I was so put off by seeing something dark red in the can and immediately thought of blood. Mind you ...awful yet undefined images were flying through my brain as I am attempted to process what was in that can, wondering how that happened. ??? Also, simultaneously bummed because now she wouldn't like her coffee as much with out the evaporated milk. You know how our brains work. I process everything so many thoughts simultaneously and far more quickly then the words could all come out. Doesn't everyone? Or is that the female brain in action? ;)

And then I saw it.

After looking back into the can again, I saw the color for what it really was and then read the outside of the can.

I exclaimed, "Oh NO! I opened a can of CRANBERRY SAUCE!", at which point we all busted out laughing. :)

Turns out the can colors were similar and the can was turned around in the closet and I assumed it was evaporated milk. On autopilot ..I just opened it and poured without ever really looking. :)

Also, I made THE-WORST-COFFEE-I-EVER-MADE-IN-MY-LIFE! (Except that time I was new at making coffee other than INSTANT tasters choice and used coffee that was already opened and sitting for years in the closet - that was the worst. And no one said anything. They didn't drink it either. I was so embarrassed.) So this was THE-WORST-COFFEE-I-EVER-MADE-IN-MY-LIFE since then. :)

I could smell how strong it was and then the spoon stood straight up in the middle of the mug. :) It was a different brand and I knew it said bold, but when I made it I still used heaping TBS when measuring. The ED staff I worked with liked their coffee strong and they would measure with slightly heaping TBS and I do the same when making my coffee. But, it didn't work out so well with this brand. I told them I was going to make another pot, but they insisted it was alright. And my m-i-l drinks it black. Fortunately for my aunt, I was able to save the day with a Baileys Irish creamer. However, I could not handle drinking the coffee, even with milk.

Other than these faux pas, the dinner was delicious and people went for seconds and more. That always warms a cook's heart. :) But, I don't know what I was thinking because I made wayyyyy to many vegetables and we have a 2nd corned beef roast left over. I filled the turkey roaster with the larger corned beef, 2 heads of cabbage quartered, handfuls of baby carrots and about 8 lbs of potatoes. Then boiling on the stove, the smaller corned beef and the rest of the vegetables. It was enough to feed an army. Guess what we're eating the rest of the week? :)

Even so, I commented to a friend ..I don't know how we'll eat all those potatoes and she suggested I make mashed potatoes out of them and so that will work. Mashed potatoes seem to go more quickly. Of course then you're eating all those potatoes. I am looking forward to making a Rubin sandwich though. Then I won't make corned beef until next St Patrick's day.

And true to form, I burned my hand again. My joke is you can tell I've been baking because there will be a new burn on my hand. It usually happens because apparently ...I have an aversion to oven mitts and pulling the oven rack out. I don't know why. But yesterday, I did use regular pot holders when I pulled the muffin tray out. Then it slipped and burned my index finger and blistered because I could not take time to apply ice at that point.

Oh and I always make Irish soda bread every year. Friday, I decided I would buy it, flipped the bag over to read the contents and when I saw all the additives, I decided that I could make it and would be all pure ingredients. I like it to come hot out of the oven for the meal, but since I was roasting the corned beef this year and at a different temperature ...decided to make it in miniature muffin form. They turned out great!

Then later ..just before people were going to leave ...little Wrenna appeared with no tops on. Remember ...she was our little Thanksgiving streaker (through the house for all to see) when we were having desserts? Well ... yesterday ...I was surprised she kept her clothes on so long! Ha ha! She never fails to entertain. :)

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