Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why I 'm Excited (on top) and Why I'm Not Singing Stent Free (down below) *REVISED*

(I did not intend to turn the background green and don't know why it happened. ? But ..since it's St Patrick's day, I guess it can stay.)

Okay and maybe I need to get a life if this excites me ...but it does. Ha ha!

Last night I finally decided to learn to upload pictures from my camera. In my defense ..the cord to my other camera was thrown out. Still ...I've had this awhile. Anyway, younger son showed me how to do all the things I want to do. Mind you ...I could've read the manual or watched the CD at anytime ...just never did.

I've been building albums in my private Facebook - and experimented in this blog.

I got so into it that I did not get to Costo last night because time flew by. Nor did I go yet today (I am annoyed at myself for doing this) and so now I HAVE to tear myself away, because we are having our family St Paddy's Day dinner tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I'll take a pic of the meal. I see Ramona's and Dr Deb's food pics all the time in FB and always want it for me too. :) Now I can do that if I want to. I don't have the phones that can do that. Everyone's phone pics look so neat and must be fun to do so spontaneously. I have a separate SeaSpray FB account and the med blogasphere folks are always putting up there posterous photos. They're always fun to look at. It is just so neat that I can view what they are seeing in another state or from another part of the world ..instantly if there to see it go up.

Off topic a minute... but, I am always reading in the ED blogs and I've seen it myself people that can't afford to pay for Tylenol, etc, basic stuff ..have I-Phones, etc. I just don't get it. HOW do they do it?! Because, I have never felt I could splurge on the latest technology or even have an Internet account on my phone. And now ..I don't even have texting because I pared down my cell phone bill as far as I could. I'd think I died and went to heaven if I could have a laptop. Oh my. I'd so enjoy kicking back in comfort and reading all the blogs I want to, etc. :) And even when I am fortunate to have a good job, I will not be able to splurge on those things because there are other priorities, at least for a good while. How do they do it?

I just love that I can put up my family pictures or whatever tickles my fancy that I took. Now I can also more easily participate in WhiteCoat's, "Flat WhiteCoat'" daughter's project. :) I am wondering where this Jersey Girl can take Flat WhiteCoat. ? There is a part of me that really does want to share more personal photos and be more open with my life. But, admittedly ...I'm ambivalent. Maybe ...I just need to create a family blog - one with actual real time events a true diary with pics. This one has had so much of my medical experiences and I don't share it with most family.
The Irish Cottage is packed today! I love the thatch roof on that place. I don't have any green to wear (except for Christmas) because green looks awful on me. Forrest green is doable - but not the best color. My living room is decorated with sage and I have some sea foam towels, but green is extremely rare for me to wear as it seems to sap the life right out of my face ...IMO. So ..I went with AQUA! :)

And NOW I can sing my "I'm STENT FREE" to the Free falling lyrics when I drive to Costco. locally. I STILL played around with the pictures too long today. Um now I'm not singing that with the sunroof open while driving locally. On the open highway or back roads is one thing ...but stop and go in local traffic ...not the same. Not with my Jerry McGuire talent singing. I've got all the enthusiasm ..just not the voice to be caught singing by someone I know or anyone while at a stop at a traffic light with windows open. I never sing loudly with windows down locally and Murphy's Law dictates it would go viral on YouTube for sure if caught. ;)

I don't dare go near this computer until later ...AFTER all my errands and chores are done.

Oh and what a GORGEOUS day it is!

Enjoy your weekend! :)

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