Monday, March 5, 2012

Why I Pulled the POst ...Temporarily

I've temporarily pulled the dental post because writing it is more involved than I have time for now. It involves a series of events going back at least 7 -8 years. I never want to think the worst of someone. And certainly not a DOCTOR! That I go to ...TRUSTING him to do the right thing for me do what is best. But, ever since one incident ..then followed by others would seem my instincts have been right. (NOW, I also wonder if he did the right things for my husband. ? i did not realize something about Mr SeaSpray's dental work, until the other day. ) It is EXTREMELY awkward for me to have to deal with. I wish I had the courage other people would have. I actually want to be wrong ...but then this latest thing has me wondering all over again ...about their office policies. Even though it involved a partner a couple of weeks ago, who took me in as an emergency because I broke a tooth. I actually liked him and almost wrote a dental post afterward, entitled, "Feather in My Mouth", because he was THAT good. When he finished ..I ...the always anxious dental patient said, "That's It?! We're DONE?!" I couldn't believe he did any work in my mouth and secretly wanted to switch to him on the spot. Actually ..I said it to his assistant ..and again ..AWKWARD. But ..hurt feelings aren't what this post is going to be about. It is about violated trust. Taking advantage of a patient. Conflict of interest. I want to be wrong, but I just don't see how it can be any other way.

NOW turns out because he did not do what I believed I needed will cost me more ...because now I will have to pay for the resin surface and now a cap. When it should've been the cap in the first place. If he says no I will get a second opinion outside the office ..even if I have to pay for it. I think I understand now why my files were mysteriously "LOST" a few yrs back and why ... I heard the partner and his assistant comment that 2 other broken teeth are not notated in my current chart.. and now those fillings are lose. I am getting way ahead of myself now.

I called today, to inform that I cannot even eat a grape or oatmeal on this tooth, which means I am now having to eat everything on the other side of my mouth... which has the loose fillings I was told to wait to be evaluated for when I go in for my cleaning at the end of the month.

I am going in to see the Partner on Friday. In the mean time ...I am going to look for other things I've written about my dental experiences that I didn't post (will save me writing time) in which I questioned his telling me to "wait" regarding treatment ...all that I went through as a result.

There is that saying ..about the Foo foo bird know ..the bird that leaves that surprise on your head and so you say .."Shame on him." But, if he leaves that surprise on your head again, "Shame on me." Well would seem that I've allowed that bird to leave the surprise again ...and again ..and again ...and again ...and well you get the picture ...probably better than I do ..even at this point ...because ...I DON'T want to believe it.

So ..when I gather all my info ...both written and after calling insurance company and my next office visit ...I will write about it. And if I am wrong ...I will happily tell you so. Sadly ...infuriatingly ...I don't think I am though.

To be continued ...

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