Monday, April 2, 2012

Blond Moment ...MOI? :)

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This afternoon I drove over to the county inspection station to have our car inspected.

I also had to use their bathroom.

Of course I did.

You definitely don't want to use the inspection station bathroom ...I'm just saying.

Anyway ...the woman gave me directions for where to walk and come out on the other end after the bathroom. She said something about sitting in a booth. Admittedly i just yessed her, but whatever she said went in one ear and out the other without registering within. this is because all I could think about was ...the bathroom ...and getting to the bathroom. *Mental SeaSpray note made: It's not advisable to drink a half bottle of water when you are already thinking you may need to use a bathroom and should have done that before you left the last location... and it is a half hour until you get to your next destination.

So ...I go where she instructed me to go and when finished continue walking to the booth where I sat down. I got out of my car without my coat and so I was quite happy they had heat pumping into the little booth. But ..I soon became annoyed because there I was ...sitting there in the booth, while the inspector and some guy were chatting. Then I became concerned he didn't even see me.

So, I got out of booth, walked up to the men ..."Excuse me this the booth I am supposed to be sitting in waiting for my car?"

"Where's your car?"

"My CAR?" (I was Momentarily baffled thinking he should know where it is.)

"Where did you leave your car?"

"On the other side.?"

"Then that is where your car will be and you should be over there."

Feeling sill, I just said "Oh". Maybe my expression was funny ..don't know but he busted out laughing and said, "And you're NOT even BLOND!" At which point both guys busted out laughing. They were nice ..just appreciating the blond moment I guess.

Then I looked to my left and then out the garage door and I hated asking ...but then asked, "Okay, HOW do I get out of here to the other side, because I KNOW she told me to walk to the end and sit in the booth.?"

More laughter he directed me back and crossing over half way down.

And my car was ready and waiting. It passed inspection - YAY! Mr SeaSpray always thinks they're not nice over there ..but I think they are. I was surprised to hear they don't check lights and brakes anymore. Although, when I asked the woman why, she practically snarled Governor Christie's name, stating he doesn't think it's important and so eliminated that to save money.

I would at least think BRAKES are important!!!

Anyway, to this SeaSpray's defense is all changed over there and I just assumed they would have the car parking in the back.

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