Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Again! :)

The taxes are DONE! :)

Once I sent the last e-file ...the clouds opened up ...and angels descended ... hovering just above our house ...singing the Hallelujah Chorus!

I feel like I birthed something.


And .... even if I swung on vines hollering at the top of my lungs like a Tarzanette around our yard ...or leaped and did pirouettes throughout the house like a ballerina .... or soared high into the air and then gleefully splashed back down into the sea with the dolphins ...I could not feel more free.

Okay ...splashing with the dolphins would trump finishing the taxes. :)


And I actually finished around 4:30. So when Mr SeaSpray came in, I announced, "I am NEVER going to do this AGAIN!" And so ...after he finished busting out with laughter ...he said, "Yeah right ...you've only been doing this for 30 years!"

I don't know what it was about this year ...but I was just plain tortured doing it ...could not focus and dragged it out horribly... because I kept doing everything ...but ...what I should've been doing. I wish I kept a pad and pen with me and notated every single thing I did - logging the time too ...that was distracting me from sitting down and doing said taxes. It is comical when I think of the things that demanded my immediate attention when they didn't before. Even the most mundane things became so interesting. And the sheer pleasure I experienced ...just washing dishes by hand with my favorite dish soap. And seriously ...cleaning the toilet even felt special versus facing the tax process.

Then the real stress comes in when now at the deadline and something comes up that I don't understand ...some new annoying thing ...or with this year's tax program ..some things seemed hidden. Instead of just asking the questions and I answer with the information ...I could not FIND where to put the deductions (Although by that point I had a good idea where I would like to PUT something!), and then finally after asking the program questions and going in deeper ..I could find out how and where to do it. They made it more complicated. At one point ...I was going back and forth through one section ...looking for the question and even thought maybe they don't allow that deduction. But, they do ...you just have to know how to look for it. But, all they had to do was ask the question up front. I don't get why they designed the program that way. And admittedly had to call the on line service twice. I also felt they complicated things to discourage people from going for the deduction. Even something like mileage. Instead of just giving the total ...now they wanted for each person and then for each half of the year. But ...if I'm not tenacious ...I'm nothing ...and so I did it all.

Anyway ...suffice it to know ...that I have already begun a basket and 3 ring notebook system for 2012. The perfect plan is at least once a month ...go through the things I put aside in the basket and from there ...get them in the notebook. I also love zip-loc bags. I punched holes in them and have them in notebook to hold receipts, check by the month. I am only finished with February, but will not put anything away until I finish into April. The basket is for when I get lazy/rushed ...at least everything will be in one place.

Even though I felt like I dragged this out way too long ...I am actually at least 10 hours ahead of time. Usually ...I e-file at midnight west coast time. And I've had a few years where the sun was coming up. There must be something in me that likes the drama ...or else I'm a bit of a masochist. But ...no more. Admittedly ...it feels good to be even this much ahead and so my next goal is February ...although, I'm not wishing my life away ..especially not for taxes. :)

So there.

I've got my plan in place.

And that's all I have to say about t-a-x-e-s!