Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting Second Dental Opinion

I contacted our dental plan to find out what kind of plan and sure enough is a capitation plan. I also found out I can leave current dentist and sign up with new one on the 20th of the month, to be able to start with new one on the 1st of the month ...if all bills are paid.

Then I contacted my former dentist's office, explained a few things and I will be meeting with him for a consult (free - yay) and if he takes x-rays pay for them and I can make payments if need to. I had him since I was 14 until in my 40s and the ONLY reason I left is that we signed on with a better dental plan that covered braces and larger things, like crowns and root canals ..although there is still a significant copay.

I have to get in this week because I am scheduled for the crown process on the 9th and I believe as his partner did that the tooth also needs a root canal. My trust in my main dentist has dwindled. The fact that I had to persuade him to even do the crown ..when I cannot eat on that side for what will be 6 weeks tomorrow. Ever since his partner only did a composite on a tooth that broke all the way down on 3 sides. I can't eat oatmeal flakes, grapes, chew gum, apples ..I can't have any kind of pressure on that tooth. he thinks because I can do the tap, tap, grind thing and not feel discomfort that there is not a problem. he looked at x-rays and didn't see anything.

I do NOT care! the FACT is that I cannot eat on that side of my mouth at all because it is the second tooth behind my lower left eyetooth and so all food hits that for chewing. It is impossible to get the food to just go on side and not hit that tooth. AND WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO?????!

There is so much more to say and I will, but for now ..I will just wait until after I see my former dentist. I am very much looking forward to seeing him again and telling him everything and getting his opinion and I DO trust him.

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