Thursday, April 12, 2012

Procrastination With a Capital "P" and Stuff and "And Stuff" Is Symptomatic of More PROCRASTINATION :)

i need a nap too.

It's TAX time ..need I say more?

Okay ... I will ...because after all ...I AM Procrastinating ...with a capital "P".

I never rarely take naps. Sometimes I want to ...and I am home and I could ...but I just don't. I wish we didn't have to sleep ...never mind nap. Although night ...I wish I could SLEEP at NIGHT.. *Sigh* A girl can dream ...well she would if she could sleep ...but ...I digress ..I mean ...Procrastinate. Anyway ...last night ...I did nap ...for two hours and I missed dinner. I cooked it ...but didn't get up to eat it.

Anyone following this blog knows that I do this EVERY-SINGLE-YEAR ...since GOD was a child. I'm just sayin. Sadly ...I even missed seeing Mom during the last week of her life because I was doing the taxes ...and then took a break for a couple of days after. That thought alone causes me to want to have it done in February ...although ..evidently not enough to actually go beyond thought. It's a novel idea though ...pour moi it is.

This habit perplexes me because I am otherwise near anal when it comes to organization... not in everything ..but most. Although, there is also the Bohemian in me. So, I guess I'm a walking paradox. Well, I am if there can be a walking paradox. :) I always say it ...but, it would not take much effort to keep every receipt, med visit, or whatever else needs to be documented in order and in one location. But ....N-o-o-o-o-o ...that would make sense and be too darn easy.

I know ...I'm still Procrastinating.

And I should be keeping everything simple ...until ...after I DO-THE-TAXES!

So ...what HAVE I been doing this week? Well ...aside from watching TV ...watching even reruns of the reruns of the reruns ...totally squandering time. I should've at least been sorting in front of the TV. I've been talking on the phone with people I have not spoken with in a long time ...but this week was the week that I decided it was about time. Then there is social media ...which actually ..I've kept to a minimum ...just because I do have this undercurrent of exacerbating guilt ridden anxiety because I know what I am not doing and should be ...hence not really able to focus to write anything. This is a significant first. :) Of course there was Easter shopping, Easter celebrating ...oh and then babysitting yesterday. Then, I've been baking when I have hardly baked all winter. I also really cleaned the family (spring cleaning kind of cleaned the family room) right down to wiping down some mildew with Clorox on the base of sliding door and the window. (Why does that happen anyway? I am guessing condensation over the winter?) Organized two kitchen closets. Polished some silver utensils. Cleaned and organized the silverware drawer. I'm especially proud of the organized bathroom closet, along with throwing out old meds and 1st aid supplies. I was definitely overdue disposing of those things. It also occurred to me that we are poorly prepared for a significant medical emergency and i DO need to make a list to have supplies on hand. I also Organized the coat closet - coats and blankets and afghans on top shelf. Cleaned the inside of my car. Cooked a turkey and the accompanying dishes. Began weeding the herb garden. Took outdoor pictures of the flowering trees and other flowers. Organized jewelery. Organized my roll top desk. Then of course the general housework ...that I am far more interested in doing than usual. And I simply can't wait to do all kinds of spring cleaning and outdoor projects.

Mind you ...I could've done the organizing during the winter. But ...I REALLY feel inspired to organize. Have you ever had this happen? Sometimes ...I would have a project to do ..that I put off Procrastinate in doing and then on a day I could not because I had to work or be somewhere else ...I'd get inspired ...with seemingly all the energy and focus of a lifetime.

Right now the toilet has more appeal to me than doing the taxes!

And ...all the while I am Procrastinating, as previously stated ...I have this exacerbating underlying anxiety that causes angst while I do anything else but what I know I am supposed to be doing. It's a miserable feeling. So ...why not just DO IT?! I know I can always do an extension ...but, I refuse to pay for that ...and then I will put it off Procrastinate anyway. And I know that when I have finished doing the taxes ...I will feel so free and liberated ...which is a great feeling. Sometimes ..I fantasize that I will say .."To heck with the 1040 ...I'm just doing the EZ form." Here's the thing ...I actually like the computer part of it ...providing there isn't some new tax law or circumstance that I don't understand.Then I stress and wing it ...or sometimes call a tax guy who has done taxes for us in the past. I really wish I could just give it all to him. J always wants to know why his coworkers get thousands back and we do not. I don't know. I just provide the info and answer the questions and the on line tax program does the rest.

Okay ..this is it. I am going to empty the dryer and fold that stuff, put the wet stuff in the dryer, get dinner on and the dishwasher on and I will just do it ..gather the info I need. Heck February, 2006 ...I was supposed to go into the hospital the next day to get IV antibiotics and have a stent removed. Instead of sleeping (I wouldn't have anyway), I had the thought that if anything happened to me ...Mr SeaSpray would be clueless about what he needed to do the taxes. So ...I stayed up until 04:30 and had every receipt ..every bit of tax info in order in a box and the phone number for the accountant because Mr SeaSpray does not do the taxes. It only took one long night and I had it all together and ready to go. Ha ha! And even then ...I waited Procrastinated until April to finish the tax process. And we get money back! Not so sure about this year though.

So ...I will not be posting in here until I finish the taxes.

I do want to complete a post I began on another dental office concern. Still have two other negative patient experiences to write about. I hesitate ..but, do want to. Of course I won't identify anyone and I am mindful that there are two sides to a story as I write form this patient's perspective. I want to write about how I discovered I was phobic about something and I have my own pictures. :) I also have pictures ...very GROSS pictures of something found in our food that I was cooking last fall. So gross that younger son refused to look once he got a glimpse. I'd love to know what people think it is. It does make my stomach flip-flop though. I took a lot of pictures and even measured it. And I have some really cute pictures and a story about Stevie ...who shall remain unidentified until I write about the experience. then of course I do have some uro things to write about that I never finished my theory about stent removal and some other things.

And on that note ...I am quite happy to say that the tax deadline - April 17th ...will also be 13 months that I am stent free. I can hardly believe that my mag III lasix renal scan is just around the corner (June) and I am believing for a good report. :)

So ...even though I've been remiss in posting, I definitely plan to resume blogging and visiting my blogging friends. There's always SOMETHING to say. ;)

Have a great weekend! :)

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