Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stupid ...Bad Day ..Cranky to embarASSed!

Have you ever had a bad day? I don't mean the serious kind, but rather...the kind that goes from bad to worse ..and usually over stupid things ..but they just pile on. You even know if you could just go to bed'd wake up refreshed and it would somehow seem better. Because as things progressed ...your mood spirals down. Sleep enables you to regain perspective and those mountains aren't so bad when you start a new day. But when you just have everything go wrong feel so stuck... and want to throw something through the window.

Yesterday started out so well and ended with me being so cranky and frustrated. Today is a better day though. But, yesterday ..went from good, to bad WORSE. Thankfully, just stupid stuff ...but boy was I getting cranky on the inside and it's a good thing I couldn't lift the carpet cleaner up and it's a good thing I have restraint ...or I would've hurled that carpet cleaner right through the sliding door window.

One of the earlier good things was that I got 69.49 credited to my electric bill. They overestimated our bill. There was no way it should've been that high when we didn't even turn electric heat on in the family room. So, after reading the meter for the customer service rep, he agreed. He said it would eventually correct itself, but I wonder? I think you have to stay on top of these things.

Anyway ..later I decided to surprise Mr SeaSpray with cabbage rolls and so made them ...only to find out that I did not have sauerkraut or tomato soup. So, I got on a stool and searched into the bowels of my deep closets ...SURE those cans were there. No they were not. And now I had a mess of food to put back in order. So ..the cabbage rolls were bland.

I next decided to make Italian meatballs ahead of time to have simmering in sauce for today so I'd have an easy dinner prep when the kids are here later. I even used the organic herbs I got from the food co-op I joined last month. These were gonna be some good meatballs. :)

Then after I put them in a baking dish, baking on low at 325 ...I proceeded to vacuum and then use the carpet cleaner on the rug in the family room. Well ...actually ..first ...I thought maybe I could take the carpet cleaner apart on top because there was hair wedged on the sides where the water is sucked back up. It seemed so logical that id I just unscrewed the top should just pop up. It did not want to budge. I pried a little harder ...but then thought ...maybe I shouldn't force it and put the screws back in. It still seems like I should be able to.

Then this stupid thing on the end of the front bottom where the water is sucked in kept popping off before I could even get to cleaning with it. Also ...something must've happened to it when Mr SeaSpray stored it for me amidst his stuff because now it won't lock up right and the hose kept popping off. But the worst thing was ..and I didn't realize it right away ...the soap was going into rug but and water, but I didn't realize it because it wasn't sucking up water ..barely anyway. That end thing kept coming off, the hose falling off and dragging and the electrical cord continually getting in my way I was getting so frustrated. It was like when you carry too many things and one thing drops you pick that up and then another drops and you're in this continual motion of not getting anywhere. UGH! But ...I was mostly concerned that I somehow broke it when I unscrewed it and is why it wasn't sucking the moisture back up. I ended up loosening the screws ..tightening the screws ..thinking I did something to it. I didn't even realize how much soap (the 2X strength of Bissel cleaner), until I walked on both the family room and kitchen tile. My flip flops were sticking and I sounded like I was ripping off of duct tape with every step and sticking like it too. That is when I went back to cleaner and saw I had emptied it all out into the rug in one small area and yet it wasn't clean because i was not getting the water back up. And it was WET! So I got a brush and scrubbed some spots. (I was also NOT liking my dog very much in that moment either), and yes ...I love her ...but if you do not get her immediately outside when she asks ..she will piddle. We never had a dog like that. She has us trained! But, if we don't hear her for some reason she will do that. Does anyone have any ideas? It's not often ...but once in awhile is too often! I've wondered if she has a bladder issue. But, vet didn't seem concerned.

Anyway now the hot water was cold and I had to refill the soap dispenser and so began the process again. And then I don't know how many times I removed the water and soap containers to look under the machine ..clean the brush ..or just STARE at it totally perplexed and frustrated.

I also never set the meatball timer because this was only going to take me 15 minutes to a half hour at the most. Instead ...I obsessed ...O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D over that darned carpet cleaner and was not getting anywhere with it. I did wonder if my not being able to get that plastic piece on the end of it was preventing suction ..but I couldn't get it on to save my life. And then I was smelling overly cooked meatballs along with the strong soapy smell. Oh NO!

Yup. They were very well done ...hard and even crispy on the bottom. I didn't know you could even make hard meatballs ...but for the first time ever ...I did. Hockey puck ...hard on bottom ..crusty meatballs. However, I cut the hard bottom part off. Then I immersed them in sauce to sit in overnight ...hoping that will soften them. We would eat them, but I don't know about the kids. they do have a good flavor though ...although somewhat ..different. But ..I think I overdid the spices because I didn't measure. Son did like the one he tried ...although he said it was a little hard. Some are better than others. So, they are simmering on low now and it does smell good. Anyway ...I am not telling anyone and maybe no one will notice. :)

Then when younger son came in later... I whined about the cleaner ...he took a look and popped that thing back on and the cleaner was now sucking water back up and rug was getting clean. YAY! But, I kept getting soapy streaks I couldn't get rid of. So it was getting late and I had to keep going over it. I even rinsed with plain water from soap container too.

I will say ...the rug is CLEAN!

But the time I finished ...I was hot, soapy, tired and had sore knees. If any neighbors had been watching through the 6 foot glass doors ...they would've been entertained ...I am certain of that.

I had wanted the sunlight to help dry it ...but, I left the fan blowing down on it all night and it did dry.

So I loaded the dishwasher so I could get those dishes clean and start fresh in the morning. And then I discovered we didn't have enough dishwasher soap. Fine.

I also had to tinkle and shower and so I turned the bathroom light on ...4 lights to be specific ...over the mirror. Now on autopilot know when you drive home and you don't remember doing it ...I got undressed ...tossing my clothes onto the chair. Then I tinkled and much to my great dismay I looked up ...I saw that I had not let the shade down FIRST...which meant that I got nekkid with the 4 lights on over me front of the fairly long window facing our back yard and neighbors. I was MORTIFIED, but didn't shriek or anything. I did say OMG! OMG! OMG! !!!!!!!!!!! So then in combat style maneuvering ...I crouched my way over to the window ...reached up with the rest of my body below the window and only part of my head and arm reaching up so I could let the cord loose to drop the shade.

This happened to me once before and I wrote about it in this post: "Rudolph"

But then I had covered the window, it was daylight and I didn't realize it had dropped down and I was taking my time putting body lotion on and then happened to notice I had been putting on a show for the neighborhood with the bathroom lights on. Mercifully ..the windows were steamy and it was daylight. Although as I said ..I took my time ...unaware I could be seen. That day I did SHRIEK.

But, last night, I hadn't turned the shower on yet and so there wasn't any steam. At least I undressed quickly before I sat down. *Sigh!*

I have to admit ...I am bothered about this. I know a friend would've called me if she saw it. ROFLHAO, but she would've called me. Now, if any husbands smile at me unusually ...I'm gonna feel so weird!! I also realize the odds are probably in my favor. I had a next door neighbor who for years had thin cotton curtains in her bathroom, but didn't realize just how sheer and she was higher up from the ground, but ... was mortified when she realized neighbors could've seen her in the bathroom too... for years. That IS worse.

Today is a better day and I'm not cranky anymore. Still embarASSed ...but not cranky. You probably had to be there last night to appreciate the restraint I exercised in not just tossing something out the window. :) And now I'm looking forward to seeing all the kids shortly as their parents are going out for their anniversary tonight. :)


Kay Dennison said...

Bad day? I wish that I was only having a bad day!!!! I'm having a bad life!

SeaSpray said...

Oh Kay, I'm sorry to hear that.

I am always mindful when complaining about the little things that worse things do happen and they have... in my life and others. That day ..I believe tractor trailers were flying around Texas.

I'll stop by later to see what's going on.

yaisniyio said...

Have a good Easter holiday, perhaps it might be restful?

God bless x

Chrysalis Angel said...

A Lucy moment for sure. Reminds me of the time I saw my neighbors making out. wasn't his wife. I have since closed my blind and never open that one again.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Yaisniyio - thank you. I hope you enjoyed your day Easter Holiday too.

No ..not restful ...crazy busy weekend ...but, fun Easter - good family day. :)

SeaSpray said...

Oh that was TMI for sure. Although ...I wouldn't be as upset about being caught making out vs being seen nekkid ..unless it was making out and nekkid.

Ever see King of Queens? I love that show. They live in houses close together and their windows are directly opposite each other on the side ..they look so close that they could hand a pie over. I wouldn't want a window that close because what if you did forget? :)

I hope you and Fireguy had a nice Easter.

This is the first year I didn't even mention Easter in blog.