Sunday, May 20, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice Finale & Stuff (Update - How I Would Have Decided)

Mmmmm ...peppers, onions, crushed garlic clove and fresh Greek oregano ...smells so good. We're just having an easy dinner tonight. Sausage, peppers and onions on a delicious roll (you have to use quality bread), and a salad. I should've bought the green peppers too since they were such good price. Pretty colors.

It's been another beautiful, warm, sunny, and breezy ...just perfect day up in these here mountains of NJ. I went to the first service at church this morning - 9 am. I haven't gone since winter and it felt good to go. Plus, I sat with my spiritual mom (always a treat to be with her :) ...a woman I worked with for years at the hospital. I surprised her with a book about healing, that I know she is going to love. I like that my Y schedule is getting my night owl ways turned around to a more reasonable time and I am certainly more productive rising early.

And ...tonight is the season finale to the apprentice! WOO HOO! I LOVE that show and I really do not know who will win because I think they are both good. I can't even say I have a favorite. I like them both, Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken. They definitely played a good game and were the nicer players. I'm always interested to see how the players execute their tasks, how much money they raise so they can be the winning team each week. And I love that every week, significant amounts of money are donated to the winning team leader's charity. I will miss the show.
Survivor is done now. I do believe Kim deserved to win this time. She played the game well. I enjoy that show too ...although I could never play that game because I just could not be mean spirited or betray people like you often have to do. Then there is humidity and I don't like seafood... but for a few things. I'm just sayin. :)

I'm not a big TV watcher, but will miss these and a couple other shows.
Countdown to show time ...1 hour and 7 minutes. :)

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