Wednesday, May 2, 2012

........ For Dessert :)

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I'm thrilled that I joined a food co-op during the winter!

I will talk more about it some other time. I do LOVE the store though.

Anyway ...I recently met someone who has been a member since the early days. Actually, I was a member in the mid 80s and then left a few years later, I thought they closed for two decades and had no idea they just moved to another location. That is because an original founder had told me they were closed ...or so I thought. Perhaps she meant the original location was closed.

I used to bring my then very young first born son along with me. He played with toys on a rug in the back while I did whatever they needed me to do at the time. It was interesting and I appreciated the discount. You get a discount if you become a member and work 2 hours a month.

So, as I said, I recently met this man who was telling me he was a member since the beginning and that he and his wife raised their kids on healthy food choices. His kids never went to school with potato chips in their lunch ...AND ...were happy with broccoli snacks and fruit in their lunches.

He went on to say that his son and d-i-l do the same with their kids and that one day when they were in the store their young son asked his father to buy the fresh broccoli. And, when they were at the check out, his son couldn't wait ..grabbed the broccoli and began eating it raw. The woman behind them couldn't believe it.

And this is amazing. While laughing ...he said that at the dinner table ...his son and d-i-l say things like, "If you eat all of your dinner can have cherry tomatoes for dessert." And the kids get excited because they want their cherry tomato dessert.

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