Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day - 2012

Pictured above - Washtub beans - yummy! Fun with the new wagon. I love that there are little seats that can fold down. No doubt the little ones will help cart vegetables from the garden this summer. :)

We spent Mother's Day at my m-i-l's house yesterday and it was a fun family day for all. Younger son had to work and so we missed him. We had our first cook out for the year and it was a nice family day for sure. And I got the prettiest plants from my family - so sweet. A large hanging basket of pink petunias, a purple Rhododendron bush and a large planter of hanging small white flowers ...but the name is unfamiliar to me and so I forget what it is called. I love them all! And my m-i-l gave me some money which was sweet, but she is always doing nice things for us and I feel like she does not need to give me anything and it is HER special day. Also got some pretty cards. I was especially touched by what was written in one of the cards. Wow. And it meant so much to me.

Of course the best gift of all ...was just being with my family ...having them to love and being loved by them.

I am so very grateful for each and everyone of them.

For any moms that may be reading, I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

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