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My Overview Of the Celebrity Apprentice - 2012 (mostly the finale) & My Choice

This video CRACKS me up! If you watched the Celebrity Apprentice, you will certainly appreciate this. But, even if you did not is still very funny. Penn has worked through all kinds of adversity during his life ...and yet was Clay and the happenings on the Celebrity Apprentice that was getting under his skin. His coworkers just laugh at him as he tries to explain all he endured on the show. No sympathy empathy from his staff/coworkers. :)
I was happy that Arsenio Hall won the Celebrity Apprentice and I would've been just as happy if Clay Aiken had won. I tell you who I would've chosen to be the new Celebrity Apprentice at the end.

Since the amount of money raised for the final project didn't matter, I don't know what criteria Trump used to make his decision. It seemed to me that it was just a coin toss in his mind. It did seem to be a tough decision for him. I know he thought both were excellent players. I do feel you never know if he has ulterior motives for who goes and who stays. During the season. Is his choice based on which person brings in ratings for the show, personal bias or perhaps future relationship ...or what the person can bring to him (or NBC) down the road? And regarding the model (Dayana Mendosa - former Miss Universe, exquisitely beautiful),who was continually brought into the boardroom ...I think she should've been voted off a lot earlier ...but, she is just so
beautiful ..I really think he liked keeping her around because she was eye candy for the viewers ...and it is no secret that he has an eye for exceptionally beautiful women. She did have some good ideas, but others were just so off the wall. (Lisa was HORRIBLE to her though) Trump is a master at working out deals ...and is known for his calculating decisions to achieve his goals. Obviously, I don't have access to Trump's or the management at NBC's thought processes/agenda. I am just saying that the judgement for which celebrity is fired is subjective, unless there is blatant evidence they should be fired. I don't think there are carved in stone rules. And with Trump ...some Celebrities shoot themselves in the foot when they were not in the hot seat, but then demonstrate apathy. He will fire an uncommitted person in a heartbeat!

I don't understand why raising over $301,500.00 vs $167,000.00 dollars wasn't a key factor in his decision making process. But, when Joan Rivers won, she also raised less money it's not the first time. It just seems to me if raising the most money every episode is the criterion that determines the winning team ...thus they will avoid the board room ...then that should also weigh into the final decision for the winner of Celebrity Apprentice.

Final Interview: Arsenio gave a better answer to Trump for why he should be the next Celebrity Apprentice. He said something else, but ...all I remember Clay saying is that he didn't want to come in second in another competition. Aresenio blew that out of the water by stating he had come in second many times (he explained) in his life and went on with other reasons.

Past and present criteria used (Other than which team raised the most money):

Best leader:
Both Clay and Arsenio managed well. Two diverse leadership styles ..Arsenio more laid back and Clay more of a micro-manager ..but not obnoxious about it, that I could tell anyway, after seeing the edited version. (Goes to show you - there is more than one way to reach the same goal) Both had a good rapport with their team and both reigned people in when they needed to and in the end they did have the final say over everything. Whereas, in the competition did not always go so smoothly. Particularly with Aubrey. (Aubrey O'Day is beautiful, intelligent, creative, talented and thinks fast on her feat. She is also the most narcissistic person I can think of. Definitely NOT a team player. Extremely full of herself. It seemed to me that, "I ...I ...I ...I ...I ...I ...I ...I...I...I...I...I...I...I...I...I" or "ME ...ME ...ME ...ME ...ME ...ME ...ME" OR MY ...MY...MY...MY...MY...MY...MY...MY...MY ...MY...MY...MY...MY....MY" is what I heard Aubrey say more than anything else. I couldn't decide if it was amusing or pathetic. Regardless of her talents, I would not choose her to work for me if I was looking for a team player. She has some maturing to do yet. She's 27 and perhaps that will come with more life lessons in the future. Also, all the team members working on behalf of the leaders, put their all into it and so except for a few glitches went pretty smoothly least based on the edited versions that we saw.

Also, I 100% agreed with Clay when he continually had to insist that Debbie Gibson's cousin fax a picture of what kind of mural she planned to paint on the walls. I can appreciate that she knew her cousin's work and the cousin was doing them a huge favor ..but at the end of the day ...the buck stopped with Clay's decisions. They could either make or break him. She should have grasped that. She must be a nice person, but frankly ...I thought she was annoying throughout her time on the show.

Both promotional videos for each of their charities were excellent in my opinion. The promotional events were equally creative. Arsenio and team put on a comedy show and Clay and team performed musically - both were fun and entertaining.

Although ...I did not appreciate the vulgarity of Lisa Lampanelli's act. Her routine is vulgar and and obnoxious ...which seems to be how she defined herself with her behavior throughout the entire season. It was in especially poor taste since there were CHILDREN in the audience that were attending Clay's carnival. (Although, to her defense, she was not aware there would be children there. But, his charity was for children and so it was certainly possible.) She wasn't the only one to swear, but hers was over the top and while I am hardly a prude ...I disliked one comment immensely. She was an intelligent, hard worker that contributed a great deal to each task, talented - funny (when not too gross) and a strong player. Too bad she was such an obnoxious bully.

Lisa generously donated $10,000 to Arsenio's team during the last task. She stated that Arsenio got her through a lot of the difficult times and she wanted to help him. Trump of course saw that as being disloyal, did ask Clay how he felt about it, Clay brushed it off and Trump dropped it. Maybe she knew that Clay had done so well and it wouldn't hurt him or that the money didn't matter in the end. I don't know. It was certainly a most thoughtful and generous gift that will be a blessing for the Magic Johnson Aids Foundation.

Trump likes passion, enthusiasm, talent, dedication, loyalty, intelligence, strength, creativity, honesty, commitment, good character, the ability to bring in the money, etc., and both Arsenio and Clay demonstrated all of the above and more.

History: Trump always considers how many times the celebrity was a team leader and how many wins they had. Aresenio won every time - Clay did not.

Character: Arsenio really lost it with Aubrey in one of the projects and went overboard with expletives. To his credit, he owned up to it and did apologize. And his defense was his response to AUBREY. Clay never did do that with the same intensity.

They were both great guys though and every one gets annoyed with everyone during the competition. It is intensely competitive, they have short deadlines, conflict of personalities, some people don't pull their own weight (highly annoying and frustrating for the ones that do) and they are sleep deprived and stressed.

And the show is edited.

So ...trump picked Arsenio.

I would have picked Clay.

My decision would be based on the fact that Clay did raise almost TWICE the amount of money and because I did not like some of what Lisa said in her comedy routine. I know that is what you get with Lisa, but one comment was particularly offensive and in very poor taste with children there. Clever play on words, but ...that nixed it for me. And since Arsenio had the final say over everything ...I would hold him accountable.

That being said ...I really am happy for Arsenio. I like his cause ...the Magic Johnson Aids foundation and he certainly did bring in a lot of money for the foundation. So ...I suppose you could match that up against Clay's large fundraising for the National Inclusion Project in the final competition.

It was close.

I do hope Arsenio gets the late night TV talk show.

I hope Clay gets in another contest where he doesn't come in second again.

I hope Lisa gets some anger management counseling or a big does of happy hormones or a chill pill. I do feel she has a good heart, but if I were in management ...I would not have her representing my company ..not with that mouth.

I really liked Penn and Dee, as well as some others. Both contributed a lot to the various tasks. Penn Jillette was a class act in my opinion. I thought he came up with brilliant ideas, was a major team player, witty, and a peacemaker. Frankly ...I didn't always agree with Clay's assessment of him. To both men's credit, they did work things out ...although ..I did see a hilarious video that Penn put up in which he tells how his coworkers LAUGHED at him when he tried to tell them how much Clay got to him. Compared to all the challenging conditions that Penn has worked in ..they laughed that the Celebrity Apprentice and Clay got to him. :)

Teresa Giudice, from the Housewives of NJ was also on. She seems like a nice person, although ... I felt she squeaked by too and was surprised she went as far as she did. If my friend Iris was still alive, she would've loved watching Teresa because she was her favorite person on the Housewives show.

I thought it was hilarious when Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) was singing "Baby Love" with Debbie Gibson. Then they segued into his "I'm Not Gonna Take It." Both Dee and Paul Teutel (American Chopper) were good sports for deviating so far from their in public persona's for the sake of the tasks.

Victoria Gotti scared me. Perhaps not fair, and perhaps I am influenced by the "family" reputation ..but she seemed so serious and a bit scary. I didn't dislike her. She wasn't on long enough for me to have an accurate assessment of her abilities. And boy did she tell it like it was regarding Lisa's rudeness. Good for her!

I would've loved to have seen more of Cheryl Tiegs. She was the first to go and it was obvious this show was too cut throat and intense for her personality ...even tho she is a successful business woman. After all these years ...she is still a beautiful woman. I remember seeing her on the cover of Glamour Magazine all the time when I was a teenager.

I also would've loved to see more of Adam Corolla because I love his dry humor and I think he would've been hilarious to watch.

As one who has been frustrated with bilateral knee pain, I found Lou Ferrigno to be inspiring because of his positive attitude, continually giving "110 %". Also, for his sharing how 6 years ago he couldn't even walk, but after two hip replacements and two knee replacements ...he is so physically fit/active and I appreciated his health message when doing the Walgreens promo. Seeing all he could do with such physical intensity was greatly encouraging as I consider knee replacement surgery. Of course he is Lou Ferrigno (the Incredible Hulk) and I am sure would push through any kind of pain. But ...that being said was apparent he got his life back after having those surgeries.

George Takei (Star Trek) didn't contribute much, but he was such a gentlemen. Also Michael Andretti, Patricia Velasquez and Tia Carrere all seemed to be nice people, but got under my radar and so I don't have any comments about them.

I loved seeing Clay and Arsenio remain good friends, even amidst their fiercely competing to win. And I enjoyed their singing "Lean On Me", at the end of their projects in the finale. They were always respectful toward each other and that says a lot about the two of them.

I think it the Celebrity Apprentice is a terrific show. It's basically a win-win for everyone ...unless they come off looking bad for some reason. The Donald makes money and gets more notoriety. NBC makes money and gets good ratings. The celebrities get public exposure and the longer they remain on the show ...the more their faces are seen by the public and anyone that would consider them for upcoming projects and jobs. Charities. Each celebrity that wins, gets to donate significant amounts of money to their designated charity and that is just so wonderful ...especially when they win repeatedly. Millions of dollars have been donated to the various charities thanks to the hard work of the celebrities on the Celebrity Apprentice, as well as extra money given by Donald Trump and some of the companies represented in the tasks.

I enjoy seeing management skills or lack thereof action. I also enjoy the creative process with ideas flowing and the ways in which they execute each task. One of my favorite things is seeing them in action raising the money once everything is ready to go. I would LOVE to be part of that ...enterprising SeaSpray that I can be. (I do have a knack for getting people to donate money or buy things ...a skill that I have let go dormant for too long. :)

This was certainly an interesting Celebrity Apprentice season (2012) and I can't wait for the show to return.

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