Friday, May 18, 2012

Some Wrenna Comments :)

My d-i-l's mother added the graphics to the right of this picture. I love it!

Comments by Wren and her Mom:

"Wren: we're having skittagetti !

D-i-l: I love you wrenna! Why did it take you sooo long to get here? What were you doing for all those years??
Wren: I was eating snacks."

I would love to know what Wrenna is thinking when she is playing dressing up. And she is so serious about it. You just never know what she will be wearing next. Sometimes something crazy ...regular clothes or nothing at all (Remember ...she streaked though our house filled with company after Thanksgiving dinner? :) just never know. I look forward to her many looks. It would be neat if they were compiled into a book. :)

This picture is just adorable and she's talking on her cell phone. She outgrew that dress a while ago. I love the strawberry hat her other grandmother bought her. Oh ...and she has a little chocolate chip smudge above her lip. :)

Oh and this is funny. When her grandmother was out here recently ...for some reason she began calling her by her last name. Like a coach or Army drill Sergeant when wanting her grandmother's attention ..she'd holler out, "SMITHRIGHT!"

Too funny! Love it and love her and all the children to pieces! :)

The innocence and joy of a child is so precious. Wouldn't it be neat if we could all be as innocent and carefree?


Chrysalis Angel said...

How cute she is. Reminds me of you with that hat. Adorable.

ps These characters we have to enter are very difficult to make out at times. I know you can't help that, it's just not as easy to comment these days.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel!

Thank you. She does look a lot like her Dad and he looks a lot like me in the eye and nose area. I look more like my uncle and Maternal grandmother which would be the Cunninghams. My Mom looked like the MacDonalds ..taking after her Dad's side. That being said ...I can see Mr SeaSpray's family in him too. I know I am going on a bit about this ...but I think genetics are so interesting. I see my cousin Lee in her too and we both look like her dad.

I told my d-i-l's Mom (who took the pic when she was out visiting from ohio that I would buy that pic as a card for someone and so she added the graphics. :) I have to get that printed.

I was just about to e-mail you because your silence was concerning me. But, I know you've been really busy. I have dropped off so much from e-mailing and leaving blog comments like I used to ...but when I get a new computer ..a SeaSpray can dream :) ... I will be more involved again. Plus life has been busier ..good busy. :)

I know what you mean about the word screening. I hate spam, although I really don't get that much. I know it hinders me from leaving comments sometimes and I hardly get comments now. Do you think I should disable it? Sometimes it takes a 4th try before I get a word right and I only keep trying if I really want to say something. ha! Sometimes I've imagined some google person toying with people by running those letters together so you really can't tell what letter or if it is running into a letter.

So nice to see you are still around. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Don't worry about the spam guard thing. You're right though, they run those things right together and make them so wavey at times, you can't always make it out.

I'm sorry I haven't been stopping in. I'm about extinct now. I do think of my friends that are on though.

SeaSpray said...

Hi sweet Angel - Please don't go extinct. You are one of the first bloggers I met in 2006. Can you believe it's been this long?

Of course you need to do what is good for you ...but I do miss you when you aren't around. I have always loved your comments in here and everywhere. You have a gift with writing and communicating.

You are a terrific encourager, empathetic and funny.

I have been totally remiss with e-mail. I focus more on blog if anything and also more facebook ..but blogging is still my passion. I have not been visiting and commenting like I used to and I want to get back to it. My computer is old and sooooooo slowwwwww ...especially when it goes through this 4 hr work cycle can hear it whirring away. And then it does it randomly. But, thank God it works.

I have not gotten back to Jeff and our mutual friend and I do want to. I do hope they are well.

And I hope you and Fireguy are doing well.

Our younger son just graduated college last Wednesday and I will put post and pics up soon.

I may remove the screen and see what happens.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Yes, we haven't heard from our one friend in some time,hmmm.
Hope things are going better for her. She is missed.It was nice to have her back, and then she's quiet. But, I'm not around much either.Life gets busy.

Jeff, I miss Jeff. Miss that sharp wit he would have at times. Those funny comments he used to leave. I hope he is well, and the family is all happy and healthy.

SeaSpray said...

Yes, I agree about both friends. :)