Friday, May 11, 2012

Uro Patient Too Long :)

After being a urology patient for so long, reading urology blogs and medical articles and writing about my urological experiences ... the word Uro pops out at me like a neon sign. It Gets my attention every time.

The other night, I was on line reading through the ingredients of some skin care products I use. Then I came across a new product that looked interesting ...promising and I thought ..."Wow ...I have to try this!"

So then I checked out the ingredients and to my utter dismay, I was repulsed by what I read. I could not imagine what it was ...or how this reputable company could use such ingredients. I wondered about other products I was already using and had not checked. "EWWW ... and how COULD they?"

So, I googled the ingredients.

After reading what it was ...I busted out laughing! And then concluded ...I really have been a URO patient for too long.

What was the ingredient that disturbed me so much?

Tripleurospermum Maritima.

Anyone know what it is?

And what did I see when I read it ...even after i did a double take?


Whatever the URO SPERMUM Maritima was had THREE times the amount in the product!


I thought there was some kind of urine derivative along with some kind of sperm in this facial product as a main ingredient. I would not even want the tiniest amount in my skin care product be used ANYWHERE on my body ...but, especially not my face.

I thought about how some products use human placenta and I don't recall what else ...but just gross and offensive.

And I thought of whales.

There's nothing wrong with whales. Just that with word association ...Sperm whales came to mind.

Gross and disturbing thoughts were flashing through my brain. And just the thought that I would have this absorbing into the skin on my face? "EWWWWW!"

"HOW could this company I love do this?!"

So ...I Googled.

And what is this Tripleurospermum Maritima.?

A common seaside plant in certain areas, although also known to grow inland. False Mayweed is another name for it.

Like I said ...URO patient ...too long. :)

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