Monday, May 7, 2012

Wishy Blower :)

Okay ...I just LOVE this and will be a forever heart memory.

Sweet, two year old little Wrenna walked into our kitchen last night, clasping tightly ...two dandelions that had gone to seed.

She looked up at me smiling and said, "Here Mum-mum, a wishy blower for you."

"Wishy blower?"


Giving her a hug I said, "THANK YOU Wrenna! I'll make a wish right now."

I closed my eyes long enough to make a wish and then I blew on my "wishy blower" ...scattering the seeds around us.

She was beaming with joy. :)

Her Mum-mum loved her present!


How cute is that?

I LOVE it! Definitely keeper words to remember when she is older. And from now on ...they are "wishy blowers" in our yard. :)

Thank you again, sweet Wren. :)

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