Thursday, June 14, 2012

After the Lasix Renal Scan

Was trying to find a radiology picture and surprised how many pictures uro/radiology are linked to this blog already and so just went with video. :)

Scan seemed uneventful ...even when Lasix administered.

I asked tech to stay with me after Lasix administered because they usually leave at that point and for a bit and I was concerned that if pain significant, I'd need cloth on my forehead and someone nearby. Only happened once with first renal scan, but I figured given my uro history ...this might be a difficult scan.

Because I anticipated possibly being more sore this time during test, I did take a pain med which may explain the "uneventful" ...but, more on that later.

Kidney REALLY aching now.

Pretty sure I could draw an outline of my kidney on outer flank based on what I feel right now. I know exactly where kidney is.

It's 01:17.

I think it got a workout today.

It's been a year and so I've forgotten what it feels like with this test.

Don't recall it hurting this much after scan ...but like I said ..been awhile.

I will post more.

Going to bed.

Also going to sleep late ...I hope.

Busy ...long busy day/night ...although mostly fun.

Oh ...and for first time ...I kept camera on my chest and so took pictures of renal scan process.

May post them.

Next post.

Depends how they turn out when I view. Will need to enlarge renal scan screen pictures.

02:22 - Kidney aching more.


Was watching "The Five."

Now ...going to bed. :)

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