Friday, June 15, 2012

Good News! :)

This is my first Mag III Lasix Renal Scan picture.

Okay I don't REALLY have clouds swimming around in my renal area. ;)

But, it is the first in a series that I took of the whole process.

I do have more pictures to post of the actual test, etc. Actually, even though I took pictures all the way through, I'm having second thoughts in case anything is identifying of staff or myself. However, I will post some of the testing process.

I've saved the BEST for last.

I did get news that the report was good. I don't know anything beyond that. But ...good is not bad. Good is not questionable. Good is good. I prefer great. But ...I'll sure take the good.

I don't know if my renal function in my right kidney went up at all. I am real curious to know about that. because if it went up at all ...then good actually is great. if it stayed the same ...that is good ...and actually ...even that is great. It's safe to assume it did not decrease ...or there would be concern ...and therefore would not be good.

I will be having my consult July 30th. I could've gotten in sooner, but I am going to be busy over the next month or so. Besides will give me time to type up some questions or think of others ..since I am guessing I will have no need to go back for awhile after that appointment. I do have something extremely important to discuss with Urodoc so I can have a better perspective in making an important decision.

And of course ...he will give me the next plan.

It does feel like it is winding down.

That was always the goal.

But ...I will miss my doctor and all the staff I've come to know. Staff has always been so helpful, sweet, supportive and even fun. believe me is not always that way in other medical offices. Sometimes I have wondered if the doctors know how uncaring/unfriendly their people are in some other offices. ? But that is another post.

And ....I shall be forever and ever and ever and ever and ever ...and ever grateful to my terrific doc and his partners and staff ...but mostly to him ...for everything he has done to facilitate healing in me and be the support person he was for me through all of this journey. He truly has been a physician that went the extra mile for me so many times. I never expected it ...although admittedly loved it. It wasn't just his professionalism that impressed me ...but his kindness with even little things he did. I was blessed to have been so well cared for when things were at the scariest for me. :) Believe me ...when I 100% know that I know that we are done and he cans say permanently healed ...I will be writing quite the thank you note. :)

And of course as always ...I thank God for all healing. :)

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