Saturday, June 16, 2012

OH-HI-NO! :)

It is such a beautiful, sunny day and I finally feel like moi again (since the renal scan). I just don't know what to do first ...after blogging with my morning coffee. I was going to go out to get flowers at Home Depot and then down to Costco. But's so nice and sunny ...I think it will be a pool day instead ...after chores. And because I like to streamline errands - I will go to Costco after church tomorrow and then Home Depot on Monday, after an afternoon doctor appointment. And so today a day at home to do whatever. It will involve playing loud music while doing chores (no one here :) and on a day like this ...Credence Clearwater Revival (reminds me of happy weekend times at my aunt and uncle's lake house) and the Beach Boys for sure. (I see the Beach Boys have a hit that is number 3 this week from their new album and they still sound great. I always feel so upbeat when I hear their music. Of course is also synonymous with the shore and I also think of my dear friend Iris. it is my first summer since I was 4 without her. That might have something to do with my not wanting to go in the pool too. It just feels like something big is missing and I admittedly didn't feel the same joy with opening the pool this year. Ha! How's that for a 2 cent self analysis? That is probably the real reason. Okay ...and so now I am past it. Identify ...and move on.

Older son and family are driving out to Ohio as I type to spend time with d-i-l's family. What a great traveling day! Oh and I just have to share this with you. Little 3 year old Wrenna is so excited about the trip that she was telling everyone, "I'm going to OH-HI-NO." Ha ha! Kids are so cute! :)

Okay twisted my cyber arm. I'll share one more Wrenna comment. This was a conversation between Wren and her mom.

"me: wrenna! hey! i love you!
wrenna: hey i wub you too! *long sigh* how's it going?"

My birthday is Monday, but since some family is away ...we will celebrate Father's Day and my birthday next Sunday.

Hey ...does that mean that I can stay 56 for another week?! ;)


rlbates said...

Happy Birthday, SeaSpray!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Ramona. :)