Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Renal Scan #10
Renal scan pic

Yes ...I'm hearing Renal Scan #10 to the tune of Mambo #5 in my head. Maybe someday ...I'll make up my own lyrics to the tune. So ...upbeat ...for getting a scan. ;)

I get a Mag III lasix renal scan today as a follow up to last Junes renal scan. That scan was taken 3 months post ureteral stent removal. Post the mother of all ureteral stents removal. The renal scan report at that time revealed that my r kidney function (the one with the hydronephrosis) went up a bit. That was good news and I took it as a good sign, because it was the first time my r. kidney function ever went up after having had a relapse with a completely closed off ureteral stricture.

And so now I am ...15 months post ...the mother of all ureteral stents removal. The last time I relapsed with a stricture was only after 7 months post stent removal and so I am encouraged that I have gone this long. It is true that I did have the first stricture 18 months months post stent removal and so I see that as the number to beat.

I do have a concern though. I have recently had a great stress - heartbreaking ...frustrating and maddening. All loved ones are alright and so nothing bad like that, but it is very disturbing to me and tonight I felt like I couldn't breathe (that never happened to me before) and I know it was from the stress of it. It is a heavy weight to carry and I can't talk about it. I wish I could ...believe me. I hope that these strong emotions can't affect my test results. I know there is a strong connection between mind and body.

However ...aside from that stress, I've been sincerely encouraged by last years results (increased function and urodoc didn't need to see me for a year) and so I'm believing this time ...I am healed.

By the way ...the number 10 is the number of completion and so perhaps it is symbolic that healing is complete.

I pray that is so.

I would appreciate any prayers about this from anyone so inclined to pray.

Thank you.

Have a great day!

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