Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Like This Quote

"Don't expect honor from the work you do; bring honor to it." ~ Author

Mini Vacation :)

You'd think I was packing up to go to the beach! Only to the backyard, but with all the kids ...I bring so much outside so I don't have to go back in. I am so grateful we have a pool. It is always like having a mini vacation in the back yard. :)

I did write most of the post about last weeks incident of being stopped by cop in town after the ED party. Just have to review it - later.

So I will post and also address some interesting comments asap. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Video Gives Me Goosebumps

"Let America be America Again"

Amen to that!

I am so tired of the doom and gloom, the divisiveness and overall negativity.

I wish we could all focus on what is good and how to make it better.

Everything in me rises up against those that would discount the hard work that was the backbone of a successful business.

Sure ..the roads paid for by the government facilitated transport of company goods. BUT, if it wasn't for the the ideas, hard work and dedication behind the success...that created the company that sold goods, that increased the employee payrolls ...who in turn now had money from paychecks to pay taxes and spend money that helped build the economy ..the government would not have the revenue for the roads.

I am so tired of hearing the diatribes that would crush the American free enterprise spirit ...that foster DEPENDENCE on the next handout ...instead of rewarding success. Since when is it wrong to be successful?

And I don't excuse the dishonest people who stole and took advantage of their employees. But ..I do applaud the good ones and we need more of them.

I have seen and heard things over the recent years that have just baffled me. I don't recognize as the America I grew up in. Sometimes it seems that was right is now considered wrong and what was wrong is now considered right - it's crazy. I could expound on that, but have other things to do now. I just happened to see this video and want to share it. I hope it goes viral.

I said a lot more but, decided to delete it.

I really just love the video and want to share it with you.

Oh and I loved that little spot in which the boy was selling lemonade for 3 cents. :) I've had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. I did that with my friends when I was little. We sold lemonade and Kool-Aid for 5 cents. We did it several times. We had a little table, chairs to sit in under the trees, right by the front road. We had little paper cups, iced filled pitchers, napkins and lots of fun. We even made change. And we'd get so excited when someone driving by, stopped to buy a cup.

And we of course drank some too. :)

TODAY ...I'd never let my kids sit out by the road, selling to potential strangers ...unsupervised. Actually, I have a cute picture somewhere in which the neighborhood kids had a stand at my neighbor's house and they were selling on our main road. They were also selling painted sea shells. :)

But, we kept close watch over them.

I think in the 60s ...parents gave us kids way more freedom without direct supervision.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Very dark with greenish cast, humid, still with thunder and lighting with sprinkles here.

Erie outside.

Shutting computer off until it passes.

I lost a computer one year when I left it on and something was hit near by.

I don't know if it broke because it was on during the storm ...or would it have happened anyway?

Well ...not taking any chances.

Grateful for the rain.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


So ...tonight ...after leaving a retirement sinner for an ED nurse I worked with for years ...I was pulled over by a cop and I didn't see his flashing lights ...even when rounding the corner. OOPS!

It's 02:47 am now and so ...

to be continued ....

Fun night tho.

I love how we all laugh so heartily when we get together.

Great bunch of people.

I miss them.

But, to everything there is a season. :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sad Socks - Happy Socks ...Mystery Solv-Ed and Revenge of the Socks ;)

Just a couple days ago, I could've sent 14 single socks to this support group. I was folding Mr SeaSpray's socks and came across FOURTEEN unmatched socks! What the heck?!

Yes ...I've pondered over the missing sock mystery for years ...but, usually one or two out of some loads. It is a universal mystery among those of us who dry said socks in the dryer.

But FOURTEEN socks gone missing? It's like they've been caught up in the rapture ... right out of the drying process ...forever gone from this earth.

So ...assuming there was recently some mass sock exodus in which they were raptured to sock heaven ...I would encourage the sad socks to cheer up because their partners are now completely whole more stretched elastic, no more holes, no more fading frolicking as only socks know how to do in the complete sock restoration of their youth.

But, I digress. :)

So later that night, I noticed the socks Mr SeaSpray was wearing. One blue sock - one brown sock.

THAT's what happened!"

"Do you know that you are wearing one blue sock and one brown sock?"


"Well you are! No wonder you had FOURTEEN missing socks! Ha! This particular sock mystery is solv-Ed (spoken like Inspector Clouseau in the "Pink Panther" movies. :), and it didn't involve the sock rapture. ;)


"Never mind. You've got a week's worth of folded MATCHED socks to wear."

(I know - not exactly the most scintillating couple conversation ...unless maybe you're a foot person with a sock fetish - then I suppose it's titillating. ;)

Socks. Sometimes marriage is just about the socks - what can I say?

It turns out that after I admittedly, left Mr SeaSpray's socks in a chair without folding them, that he scooped them up (I appreciate that :), and put them away into sock chaos. It was a veritable sock free for all, I'm sure! No matching and folding. Just shoved in the drawer in one big collective mass of sock chaos. Then ..since he gets up at 4:30 in the morning and dresses in the dark( so he doesn't wake me - I appreciate that too :), he just grabbed socks. Apparently, he dressed for a week in mismatched socks. He probably didn't even know because he always gets undressed in the dark. Well actually, both morning and night he dresses by the light of his alarm clock - basically dressing in the dark. We have FOUR lights in our bedroom! It's just what he does. I don't know why. I mean I don't know why he undresses in the dark at night. He has a light right by his side of the bed and near the hamper. Oh and speaking of the hamper I strategically placed it on HIS side of the bed for his convenience in getting clothes IN the hamper. That little tidbit of info is beside the point ...but I've found it works best that way. :)

Anyway now occurs to me that these socks amidst chaos ...some of them grieving for their matched partners ...may also have decided to exact some revenge to teach Mr SeaSpray a lesson. Yes ...revenge of the socks! It apparently involved some self sacrifice. You know it for the cause.

"Maybe next time he won't be so quick to just shove us in here without our partners!"

Randomly matched blue socks in the chaos in unison, "Wait! Here he comes!"
Heroic brown sock, "I'm goin in! One of you matched blue socks, STAND Down!"

Sacrifice complete ...mission accomplished ...Mr SeaSpray obliviously went to work in one brown sock and one blue sock ...and so went his week of mismatched sock wearing.

No doubt that even amidst their struggles ...all the remaining socks ...along with the sacrificial socks were busting up with sock laughter only socks can laugh, pleased they had turned it around, taken charge ...especially the heroic, sacrificial socks ON Mr SeaSpray. I imagine them laughing all day ...with each step he took.

Laughing Socks of the office and everywhere he went. :)

Or did they giggle? No definitely NOT ...NO giggling would ever come out of MANLY socks!

Of course the sock revenge was misguided as Mr SeaSpray remained unaffected but, *I* received the message loud and clear and *I* will be the one to get those socks back together ASAP.

Of course ...maybe that was the sock plan all along. ;)

I'm just saying ...if socks could feel, talk, plot and laugh ...this is what probably happened. We all know there are more then our 3 1/2 dimensions we live in here on earth. (height, depth, width and time going forward) How do we know there isn't a sock dimension in which all these sock activities occur ...right in our midst?

Is anyone else hearing the Twilight Zone music playing? .....

I think it's no coincidence that the intro on this Twilight Zone video looks like the inside of a dryer exhaust tube...

I'm just sayin...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Preventative Health Care

A picture from Facebook.

I would definitely feel peace if I was there.

I miss the ocean. This SeaSpray needs to experience the negative ions near the crashing waves. Everything always feels right with the world when near the sea.

Our health insurance plan pays 100% for preventative health care, testing, etc.

I think doctors should be able to prescribe beach vacations to their patients as a preventative health measure that is covered by insurance. ;)

A SeaSpray can dream. :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Honest Man and Other Thoughts

This picture isn't the kind of honesty I wrote about, but it's funny. :)

In my last post I shared my frustration/annoyance regarding the rude receptionist, but a couple of other nice things happened in that office that day - in the waiting room. One I will share now and the second one was not only nice ...but, also one of those things where you wonder if God is directing you and in this case it involved another patient in the waiting room and happened when I was leaving. However, that post will involve more writing and is why I will share about it another time.

I also have been wanting to put up our younger son's graduation pictures and share about his graduation day. My computer is so slow that it's tedious trying to get pictures from my camera folder into the blog and so that is why I haven't posted them yet. I guess I could just put one up. So that is coming. I also want to tell you a story about a "guest" with us last summer - with pictures ...and again I haven't done it for the same reason stated above. Copy and pasting is easy, but not pulling from a folder.
As soon as I got to the checkout counter in the reception area, one of the women held up a ring, asking if it was mine.

I stared for a second instead of claiming it because I could NOT believe it happened AGAIN!

"Yes, it's my ring. Whe"

Receptionist immediately explained, "A man found it near where you were sitting and thought it might be yours."

I couldn't believe it and immediately said, "An HONEST man! I had just put some hand cream on while waiting and it must've just slipped off when I was walking in to be seen. I've lost weight and apparently I need to be mindful of the rings I am wearing."

It was a gift from my dear m-i-l ...a birthday gift ...a large blue topaz, surrounded by marcasite on a silver ring. Not only is it pretty and one of my favorite rings, but it has sentimental value. I would've been upset when I realized it was lost.

I wanted to thank the man personally for turning it in, but he had already left.

So I'll just put it out into the universe ...Thank you Honest man for returning my ring. Thank you very much!

If only other people were moved to be so honest. When they keep something that they find, knowing it's not theirs and is obviously important ...possibly valuable ...why can't people do the right thing and turn it in?

I sure would and I would feel good doing it. I have done it.

And I may've told this story before, but not for awhile if I did.

Years ago, after work and banking on the Friday before Thanksgiving ...I went grocery shopping.
Shoprite was so packed that I had to park far away from the store ...all the way out to where the cars parked in a row facing the highway. So was not in the main body of parked cars.

Anyway soon as I got out of my car when I got home, I realized I left my purse in the shopping cart. Horror at the potential loss shot right through me as I immediately got back in, praying all the way back to that parking spot. No shopping carriage and no pocketbook in sight by the cars parked where I was parked.

Because it was payday, my checkbook, savings account info (pre-direct deposit days), credit cards and cash were all in my pocketbook. Not to mention my license and who knows what else.

I hurried to the front desk in the store ...and an HONEST person had turned it in. Thank God! I felt like maybe an angel brought it in. Certainly an angel of a human being. I like to tell that story because it is the perfect example of honesty and doing the right thing.

Personally, I could never be happy knowing I stole something.

I have left the stores with something in my cart that wasn't paid for or found things when I got home that were packed but, never charged for. I always went back in with the light bulbs, socks ..wherever to the front desk to pay for them. They always seem surprised and always say thank you.

Most recently ...this past spring I had ordered two pizzas from our favorite pizza place. One was a personal white pizza - my favorite. I had used my credit card and when I reviewed my bill for the month I saw that she never charged me for the little pizza. So ...the next time I went in there, I told them what had happened and paid for it. They too were surprised and appreciative.

It just is the right thing to do and it feels so good and you never know who you are influencing to do the right thing. But, the reason I am honest about returning things is simply because that is what you SHOULD do ...the right thing to do. The rest is just icing on the cake.

I can appreciate why Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

It really hurts and is upsetting when you lose valuable, special things. But, even the little things matter. Once a friend, a pastor left 100 dollars in cash on his front seat. He just ran into the little store he parked in front of for a minute. When he came out it was gone. He said, "Well, I hope they needed it more than I did."

I admired his ability to let go.

I wish other people were as honest returning my things as the man in the doctor's office was the other day.

Hope springs eternal. :)

Memory Thoughts...

I hope this isn't offensive - just thought it was funny. Sometimes you have to laugh ...or you'd cry.

One thing I n-e-v-e-r do. I never say, I'm having a senior moment. I never about losing my mind or any of the forgetful age jokes people say about themselves. I feel like you are setting yourself up to be forgetful if you keep telling yourself you are that way.

Actually, I am grateful that I actually have a good memory. A counselor I was seeing after mom died told me my memory is both a blessing and a curse. She said it's a blessing because you remember everything ...and it's a curse ...because you remember everything. I do ...and details that it seems many people forget. :)

That being said ...I do have some blocks in memory from when younger and I don't always remember names of people. I do remember numbers though ...with amazing recall.

I've heard we may be near a cure or this awful disease and I hope it will be soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trust is Key

It is sad when you realize the medical professional you put your trust in has been withholding his best care so that he could line his pockets instead. It is the ONLY explanation.

I am very, very pleased with a back molar the dentist partner I've switched to has fixed with a solid crown. I just called the office before to tell the receptionist to please tell the new dentist I now use in the office that, "I am very, very happy with the tooth he fixed and I know I will have it for a long time now."

My other dentist(the owner), that Ive gone to since the mid nineties ... kept giving me reasons why it didn't need to be fixed after it broke. And it broke because wait ..longer story that I will write another time.

It is a terrible thing when you lose trust in your doctor. Someday I will write about it. I was slow on the uptake with what he was doing and not doing. I am very disappointed in him and a little mad. I am due for my cleaning in September and I don't even want him coming in to review the x-rays or give the final check on my teeth ...only his partner is allowed near me now. It's awkward, uncomfortable ...but I cannot have any doctor who has been disingenuous with his care.

TRUST is key.

This past spring, I did call my dental plan to find out about my coverage and I did tell the rep a couple of things and I could've said more. She asked me if I wanted to do a written complaint and I passed on that. But, if these teeth did not start getting fixed, I absolutely would've written one long complaint. I will n-e-v-e-r recommend him.

It is a shame because he is really good with cosmetic repairs. And I liked him and enjoyed our chats.

It's also kind of sad.

If anyone follows this blog, you know I have not been posting as often. But may want to scroll down when you come in here because I've got my blogging mojo back and just feel like writing more posts now. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rude Receptionist - Not Appreciated ( Test Update - Unofficial) ... post revised

So I went to my pcp's office to get the ball rolling in response to my dream. (See previous post) I didn't have my usual doctor but, instead one of his partners that I have had a few other times. I do like him and feel good about establishing a bond with him over time too.

He is ordering the required ultrasound the specialist's office requested. That being said, he is not particularly concerned and said if it's good that there is no need to go to the specialist ...a vascular surgeon. So that is a good thing.

I spent the afternoon on line trying to find one. And I did and I have to say ...pleased with what I read on his website and on his blog. Of course the *blog* got this SeaSpray's attention. :)

I was having sharp left calf pain intermittently over the weekend. But then woke up with it yesterday and it continued throughout the day, especially when I walked. I just wanted to rule out a blood clot because I do have some vascular issues in my lower extremities. I don't take medicine or anything, but do have some discoloration that exacerbated when I began sitting -blogging for so long... since 2006.

So, I will be getting an ultrasound at 9 a.m., bright eyed and bushy tailed - glad to get it over with. Would've done it today if I could have.

Some of my favorite medical staff is in that building. And after today ...I found myself thinking of the receptionists in that office and let me tell you ...I appreciate those women even more!

And that brings me to this. What a rude receptionist I encountered when I was checking out at the doctor's office this morning.

It wasn't horrible ...but it wasn't right either.

There are certainly worse situations. But, it was a matter of principal. And I admit, that even though I am basically easy going and I guess because I worked in the business, I admittedly have a low tolerance for rude receptionists. I do. Of course there could be extenuating circumstances, bad day and all that ...but not so with repetitive bad behavior.

She never smiles, rarely makes eye contact and so I just assumed she was timid and maybe feeling pressured to get work done. Without knowing her ...she seemed the shy type. Looks kind of sweet.


You really can't judge a book by it's cover.

She was typing up the orders and next appointment to be printed out, when I quietly, but politely stated that I forgot to ask him about a prescription and would it be alright to have someone ask him before I leave? (I really like these 2 docs that I have seen, but they are very slow getting prescriptions sent to the pharmacy or MEDCO. I am not saying it is the doctor. It could be the m/a or whoever handles that. But, the first time it happened ...the pharmacist said my doctor was slow with prescriptions. he has never said that about any other medical office and I have never experienced it with any other medical office. It could be their process in handling requests - I don't know. The pharmacist sometimes faxes twice or I will call their line after they don't respond to him. The most recent time was for blood pressure med and I called the pharmacy TWO weeks early! And I still ended up having to leave a message when I had just a couple left!) So ...that is why I thought it might be a good idea to ask now. I can appreciate that it would be annoying to clinic staff since they are already on to the next patient. If they couldn't then they couldn't and I would've understand and just call back.

Anyway ...without even looking up she continued typing ..she CURTLY said, 'You SHOULD have asked him that when you were in there!" I was taken aback and apologetically said, "I know, but it wasn't on my mind at all because I had other things I was concerned about when we were talking. I was worried about having a blood clot in my leg and some other things."

She didn't say a word.

And then I felt anger rise up within me because it was a sincere mistake. I was the PATIENT. NOT her child. And I would not talk to my kids in that tone! I would not talk to a friend like that. And I CERTAINLY would NOT talk to a PATIENT like that! I deserved respect! And hey's a novel idea about a little compassion?! And it's not like this was just a bad day. I could excuse that. I have been there enough now to conclude that most of the receptionists in that office are not friendly.

But, this just rubbed me the wrong way and the next thing I knew the words flew out of my mouth. "I worked as an emergency room receptionist for TWENTY YEARS and I NEVER would've spoken to a PATIENT the way you just spoke to me."

Never raising her eyes to look at me, she said, "What?" And as quietly as I could, but with the same emphasis repeated it and some of the other women heard it ...which was not my intent. I was quiet about it. She didn't say anything ...not even an apology or any kind of excuse. She did look concerned though. I was about to say more, but then the doctor happened to come down to the area anyway and so I turned away to ask him. He was pleasant and just asked what pharmacy as he kept walking.

She handed my papers to me ...I took them, turned and on my way out ... and dopey me in my cheery Miss Sunshine way, said, "Have a nice day!" :) Because that is me. FRIENDLY!


Not one person in that area said anything back. And they never do!

I was annoyed at myself for saying anything. Why can't I ever STAY mad? Why can't I just be cold and ignore rude people other people do - they really don't care? Why do I always soften and go into nice mode? I'm Jello I tell you! And of course we are to forgive and be positive examples in life. My aunt used to say, "Patricia, two wrongs never make a right.", and she was right.

Most medical offices I have been in ...or medical facilities are friendly. Or you might have a grumpy one, but most are friendly. It is just common courtesy to be polite and say good bye to someone.

And I have left without saying a word sometimes, but it feels so yucky and like I am being rude. Of course it also feels yucky to be nice and then they just ignore me. It's the same feeling I get when I get a dead fish handshake - UGH! Thankfully that is rare too. I don't think much of a person who does that ...with a few exceptions though. I guess in the end ...I am who I am and I am not going to be tit for tat and prefer to do the right thing.

To me's a foreign concept to choose not to be warm and friendly to another person ...especially a PATIENT. Or are they ignorant with a low emotional IQs?

Even Mr SeaSpray who doesn't care about that stuff (because he just wants to get in and get out), noticed it and that is saying something. The m/a's and doctors I've met thus far - very nice. NOT the receptionists.

If the doctors weren't nice I would be out of there so fast and never recommend them. I have recommended my pcp though and would this other doctor as well. An older woman turned around and quietly smiled at me the last time from across the room in the office area. And today I saw that they have a new, younger receptionist and she was so sweet and friendly when I signed in. She far outshines them in personality. It was actually a pleasure to check in today. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I first walk in because I know I have to deal the receptionists. Usually I feel like I am bothering them or just discounted ...just an unimportant, lowly patient. The deli number machine has more personality! They never say "Hi, how are you?" or "Have a nice day.", or any kind of well wishing. Very cold and uncaring. And I think that is sad for the elderly people that go there. You just know that some of them are so lonely that just a friendly smile means a lot to them. A friendly smile can turn anyone's bad day around sometimes.

THANK GOD they are NOT at all like that at the urology office or that would've been one heck of a M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E experience with all I had to go through with procedures, etc., when I was in frequent flier mode. My former pcp office was so friendly and I can think of a lot of other nice offices. And the surgery center I've been to ...well with them's like they can't do enough for you. That is the total positive patient experience in that place. :)

A receptionist is on the front lines of any corporation they work for. They are usually the first and last impression the customer has of the office, hospital or any company. They set the tone. The last thing you want is to lose customers because of uncaring employees. Also, why should they go to your office only to be subjected to rude behavior when they are coming to you for help or some other service? Especially if they are a patient. Patients may be coming in to the office feeling afraid, ill or in pain. Maybe they are grieving or in some other kind of emotional pain or are stressed. We often don't know the burdens and struggles people have. Even if they are healthy ...they may still be feeling vulnerable, shy and nervous about the exam. A patient should be treated with dignity and respect. They chose to come to your office and in so doing are trusting you with their bodies along with their most intimate information. They should be able to feel comfortable as much as possible throughout the medical office process. And certainly should not be reprimanded by a receptionist. But, if a receptionist for some reason does need to say something ...said receptionist sure as heck should be respectful. She didn't know what was weighing on my mind. She wasn't in that exam room. She didn't hear our discussion. She was clueless! So ...I made a mistake. Do I have to be afraid like I am in the Soup Nazi line now, when checking out? I think not.

People remember how they are treated. Some may not have a choice and may have to stay. But others can just as easily walk back out the door for good.

And then there is word of mouth. A positive word of mouth can be one of the most influential ways to bring in new patients/customers. What do people say about your office? I've sometimes wondered how some people have been allowed to work in a front office around other people. I suppose there could be an underlying tone in this office ...something unseen behind the scenes ...maybe with a stern office manager and this is the result. I don't know that. It's possible they are super strict ..or just biatches. ? It's a very busy office. I can see that they can't talk. But ...there is simply NO excuse for being rude and/or unfriendly.

Even on my most hellacious nights working solo on a 3-11 shift (Registration - but you are running in and out of the ED and all over the place and have multiple people and situations to deal with and phone, etc.) at the ED, I would always be polite, kind, compassionate, helpful warm and friendly. Sure...some nights it might be in fast mode ...but it could be done. A positive and caring attitude can go along way. I also loved to give the patients ice packs or get them a warm blanket if staff was tied up. It felt good to just do a little more for them. It wasn't in my job description, but I would always be happy to pitch in anywhere on any job if I could. If there was something really serious, I wished I could be more helpful like the nurses and doctors because they really help the patients vs being a paper pusher. My point is if medical and support staff can be be respectful, positive and friendly in a fast paced emergent care area is certainly possible in a busy medical office.

This post was about interactions with respectful patients. Difficult patients present another challenge, but even then, I think diplomacy can go a long way in clearing up miscommunication and/or diffusing a potentially volatile situation.
Update Thursday: It seems that based on the ultrasound tech's conversation with me, my legs are clear of clots or whatever they would look for. She of course did not officially say that, but I read between the lines. YAY!

So ..then the dream was probably just in response to the pain that was arousing me in my sleep just before waking. I am trusting that any other good medical reports I've gotten are also accurate and all is well. The only thing is the pathology lab may've lost the H-Pylori result because it was coming up on the weekend and then July 4th and receptionist said that they had a problem getting other tests from that day and to call back today. I just hope they find it and it's not mixed up for some reason. (Would I have to redo the procedure? I would not be happy about that) But - he tested for that last time in 2009 and I didn't have it... odds are I don't.

It is such a RELIEF to be getting cleared with these things! I was upset about my leg Tuesday. I felt like I could've danced out of the building this morning because I was so happy about this. The sun seemed brighter, the Queen Anne's Lace and cornflowers bordering the roadways were even prettier.

I decided to take the scenic route home, but then the Bagel place is on the way. I was drawn in like a moth to flame. I bought bagels and a freshly brewed hazelnut coffee. It's hot and so I thought we could have bagel sandwiches and a big salad tonight.

Going in the pool for a bit and then off to the dentist.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Decided to Pay Attention to the Dream (Have You Ever Had a Warning Dream?)

BUT, I am s-o-o-o-o NOT in the MOOD for this!

So ...I woke up with a medical concern this morning. Admittedly, it totally depressed me. And it wasn't the first time I had the symptom recently, but I had just woken up from a dream ... a sort of out of order dream ...except the one message coming through was loud and clear.

The person in the dream said, "Your doctor was wrong with his diagnosis and you need to be seen." And I woke up with the symptom ...which has persisted all day, night ...although intermittently. I have had it in the past and then it's gone away. It never persisted in one day like this.

And I have been reticent to pursue it because I was cleared by a specialist. So ...I really do not want to look like the crazy patient.

And I really do not want to deal with this all.

But, because of the dream ...I did pursue some information.

See the past ...I have had dreams that gave me reassurance or have been a warning about something. They are far and few between. And they usually have an order about them much so they could be acted out in a play ...with a beginning, middle and ending. They feel so real. This did not ...except for the admonition to seek medical care.

BUT ...did that happen because I was feeling the pain? Maybe I was having this wacky dream when the pain suddenly manifested and I was in a light enough sleep that it influenced my dream. You know when you have to make whizzie winkles when you're sleeping and you end up dreaming about going to the bathroom in some crazy place and you're just about to go, but fortunately you wake up. Well ...that happens to me on the nights I try to resist bladder call. I've written about it in previous posts. I think at that point my bladder enlists my brain to give me the visual of what's gonna happen if I don't wake up and get to the bathroom.

So, it's possible I had the pain and my brain incorporated it into my dream. The doctor I dreamt about would not be the doctor who was wrong ...if indeed that is the case.

Years ago, I had one dream in which God forbid ...Mr SeaSpray died. It scared me so much! I didn't tell anyone, but it stayed with me all morning.

At that point in time he hadn't been for a checkup for at least a couple of decades and probably more. And he had hypertension when he was 29. Now he was around 50. He was very stubborn and got aggravated if I ever brought it up and so I let it go. It concerned me, but, for the sake of peace ...I always let it go. (Now I would not!)

Anyway, I felt so strongly about the dream that I drove over to my church. I had only been there a few times and didn't really know anyone. I walked downstairs to their offices and I asked the first pastor I saw if I could speak with him.

After he shut the door to his office and we sat down, I told him about the dream and my husband's resistance. I asked if we could pray about it because I knew there was power in prayer. The pastor graciously said a prayer of protection for my husband and that he would be willing to have a checkup. I went home and urged my husband to have a checkup and he AGREED! So I immediately set up an appointment with a physician I knew from work that I trusted because I knew he was very particular. I did not tell Mr SeaSpray about the dream.

Well turned out that his cholesterol was high and he had significant hypertension. The doctor put him on medications and ever since that time these things have been well controlled. AND ...he is terrific about going to any medical appointment more resistance whatsoever. Well ...except the eye doctor. He would even tell you to get your colonoscopy exam and that they aren't a big deal at all. Oh and of course I was i overkill mode and had him follow -up with a cardiologist because he loves to dig for old bottles. I was worried that if shoveling snow could cause cardiac problems then I thought maybe digging dirt might do the same. He passed his stress test with flying colors and then stayed with that doc ...seeing him quarterly for years.

But, this sweet cardiologist was not on our plan and was costing us about four hundred dollars a year to see him for something a private care physician could handle. Thankfully, Mr SeaSpray did not have any cardiac concerns. If he switched to my pcp ...he would only have to pay four 20.00 copays a year. When I suggested he switch and why ....he kind of whined a MANLY way ...of course ;) ...."BUT ...I L-I-K-E Dr Card-i-a-c."

Talk about a turn around in attitude! There is power in prayer. :)

Of course I can't prove that was a warning dream ...but with all my heart ...I do believe God gave me that dream and good did come from it.

Well ...this is already long and it would go on much more if I wrote about what I did to follow up on my morning dream thus far and so I will save that for another post. Suffice it to know though ...that I am following up asap. Maybe not in exactly the way I should ...but I am following up.

BTW, I do pray it was just a dream. I want to be wrong. Oh and this is NOT about urology - YAY for that!

I'd greatly appreciate if you could say a prayer that all is well and I will get a good report.

When I have news ...I will come back to post specifically about what I have done and the subsequent outcome.

Thank you!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Understand - I Don't Understand But ...Just DO it SeaSpray! Seriously!

"diabetes wtf"

I know diabetes is a serious concern, but I did bust out laughing when I read that in my google inquiries this morning.

The person searching is obviously pissed that they or someone they know has it, but I laughed because I understand exactly that feeling. I just never put it into those words.

I hope it works out for the person with the diabetes and they can reverse or control it. I've been pretty stupid about it. I've been told that if I lose weight I can reverse it. And if I lose 30lbs (actually less now), my PCP will take me off Metformin, but that was last December and I definitely could have done that and more if I actually tried. Hey-y-y-y there's a novel idea - TRY! For some reason ...I've been hovering in this 10lb range ...a little up ...a little down ..a little more down ..back to the middle and so on. I KNOW if I just break my lowest weight that I will be sailing downward again. WHY would I not just DO it??! Just DO it! I think *I* need to get PISSED about it! I rarely get angry, but ...if I do I have all this energy in me that I have to do something with because I'm all fired up. Since I'm not one to go on the attack or not for long I have to do something and so it culminates in slamming things and then progresses to major cleaning or something physical. Whatever I throw myself into when I'm in that mode is attacked with laser focus and I accomplish so much. Once after a my friend Iris and I had the most ridiculous, but HEATED argument (Lucy-Ethel fight and always made up later), she really lucked out when she retreated to her bedroom because I stayed up almost all night and cleaned that beach house to perfection. I cleaned things the weekly maid didn't clean and the next day's maid did not have any work to do. Neither did my friend. I even got things packed in the van before I went to bed in the wee hours of the morning And we were level with the beach, but had a lot of stairs down to the garage ...which was really creepy at night, but didn't deter me one bit. I guess that is the adrenalin coursing through my body in that mode.

If I could just harness that kind of energy and direct it into weight loss, I'd be where I want to be in no time.

I won't give up ...but I just need to push through this last psychological weight loss barrier I seem to have.

Some one once told me that if a person holds on to a bad habit ...even if they want to change ...but never do ...that there is a greater gain for them to stay the way they are.

For the life of me ...I have no idea why I would not want the rewards of successfully losing weight down to the magic number I've designated for myself. ???

I guess I could ask myself ...WTF?

Wait ...honestly ...I feel better saying "WTH?" But I do understand the "WTF?" feelings for sure. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

...SEW Their ASSES!

Ha ha! This cartoon reminds me of something a friend had written in a private online meeting site that some of us locals used to communicate about something illegal going on in our area. Our town was NOT doing anything to enforce the rules, thus closing down the operation for the good of the community. Not to mention this individual was openly violating the law. They did not take action until one of the more active people in this cause had a letter holding the town officials accountable for any damages incurred to the community. It was signed by all of us affected by this other person's illegal actions. It was a BIG deal and unconscionable that this activity was allowed to continue unchecked. Our friend sent the letter, certified, to the town. He continued to send it certified until the town responded. Which BTW ...did not take long.

But was a long, drawn out process. Unbelievably so. You have to wonder how some people breaking the law are instantly held accountable and others get to go on and on and on ...unchecked. ? And as previously, stated this was a big deal ...huge deal, actually.

Anyway ...this one day our friend in utter frustration wrote ..."It's time to go for the jugglers and SEW their ASSES!" Obviously, he meant ..."It's time to go for the jugulars and sue their asses!"


If I were drinking coffee at that point, I would've ended up with a coffee nasal LAVAGE! SERIOUSLY! :)

I immediately envisioned us hiring a bunch of JUGGLERS ...juggling their way into town hall ...finding the lawyer and every single town official, who weren't doing their jobs. Then holding them hostage to a juggler routine after which they would have their buttocks sewn together by said jugglers!!!

Move over Navy Seals, we've brought in the JUGGLERS!!!

* And ...I think my natural inclination will be to SIT should I happen to be around any JUGGLER routines in the future. I'm just sayin. ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lazy, Hazy With No Crazy ...4th of July :)

I missed the barbecue this year!!!

GEEEE! Talk about miscommunication!

Last week, Mr SeaSpray said his Aunt Florence and Uncle Don were having a July 4th barbecue and everyone is invited. I LOVE the barbecues and family get togethers and was excited about going. But, he said he didn't want to because he wanted to do things around here. I wanted to go and so decided I would see if son and d-i-l were going, and if not ....I'd bring Devan if she wanted to go. So I had planned to bring a peach pie and a salad and planned to call on Monday to see what kind of salad.

Best laid plans ....

Sunday, I asked Mr SeaSpray why he didn't go to his mother's house yet and he said she wasn't home. "Oh." (Few minutes later) "So, where did she go?"

"Down to Florence and Don's barbecue."

"WHAT?!!!!! ...Today??? They're having it TODAY?!!!"

Anyway ...he didn't say it was ON the 4th. For some reason ...I just pictured Wednesday - July 4th in my head. It began at 11 am. Now it was 12:00. It would be too late to get ready to shower and go down there. And I just didn't feel like going alone either. Devan was already out with her parents for the day.

I'll bet Aunt dale brought her infamous baked beans. She not only uses bacon, but adds hamburger meat and that really makes for a great tray of beans. Another one I do and like is Hawaiian baked beans (vegetarian) , and you add pineapple and green pepper to taste.

I love that Mr SeaSpray's family is close and they always celebrate a birthday or some get together. My family never made a big deal about birthdays ...although ...I will say ...both of my uncles could put on one heck of a barbecue. I dooooo miss that. (I wish I had pictures from those days. :) The year at my uncle Jim's, with all those exchange students there too ...I still don't recall what happened in the pool. ? That is because my uncle Jim was pouring beer in to my cup whenever he walked by ...until my uncle Hector (the older brother) yelled at him for it. Too late! :)

I hate seeing that all of our relatives are getting older now. Also, the big family celebrations have dwindled since younger generations have married and moved away and many of our elders have died. I don't want to lose our family connectedness and I think we will need to make an effort to keep getting together. I didn't appreciate it when I was younger and sometimes did not want to go to family things. But, now I can see how it doesn't last forever and the value of being connected to your family is important and I want future generations to have that sense of being connected. I think today is all too easy to isolate because of the Internet and social medias which has become a substitute for a social life at time. It is a blessing and fun and I can see how in FB it helps to reunite people and you make plans when you otherwise may not have. But, I know for myself ...if I was never on the computer ...I would be on the phone or getting together socially more ... more often. I know that is the same for a lot of people. There needs to be balance.

Anyway, we will be doing a graduation party for our younger son soon and then there is going to be a bridal shower on the 22nd of this month and a fabulous family wedding to attend on September 12. :) So, I look forward to seeing everyone then. I have those dates right. :)

Here are a few July 4th pictures from 2010 at their house. Of course I can't put the best one's up because I don't have people's permission to do that. I hate when your pic gets tagged in fb and you don't have control over it. Younger son doesn't care if I use his pictures though. And I am particular and wouldn't want just any picture of me displayed either and so I understand.

Uncle Don, then 81 and he's still going strong. Such a sweet man. :)

The Cousins - Ashley, Devan and Son Chris. (this pic and below also Chris)

Wrenna - only 6 weeks old then. :)

I did see some fireworks Saturday night. Ha! From Sparta, I was coming home from the mall and I saw the fireworks that were being shot over the pond for Franklin day. (probably not so safe to watch the fireworks when driving - but hard not to.) Then I got into town and had to stop in Weis and so I saw the finale from the parking lot. Probably not so safe to watch the fireworks when driving - but hard not to. Gosh ...I do love the finales. Aren't they great? My favorite part is the flashes and loud booms. We always looked forward to the fireworks on Pt Pleasant beach on Thursday nights - a tradition for years. It was even better when they changed the locale to over the Manasquan inlet. Loved that when we were vacationing in the Manasquan beach house and just walked down to the inlet or would watch from the beach. So much nicer than having to leave in traffic afterward, especially since we all got to go back to the beach house, spending more time there.

I miss my friend Iris. Her name is synonymous with beach, summer, fireworks ..anything like that. I think about her often for all kinds of reasons ...but summers were ours ..since we were little girls. So MANY wonderful memories. :) It's my first summer without her and I am feeling it all over again ...big time.

Saturday, we are celebrating dear d-i-l's birthday and their town is having fireworks and so maybe we can all see them. I hope so.

Lazy day around here today. We're just having a couple of salads, yellow squash and peas from the garden with grilled chicken. I am so grateful for our pool and being able go swimming in this heat. (water is CRYSTAL CLEAR -PERFECT - there is a story of struggle here and why I am thrilled about the clarity :) I also want to plant flowers and herbs later. Just a lazy, hazy with no crazy ... 4th of July. :)

I heard ambulance sirens before and immediately thought of my former coworkers ...some still there and some too ...have also moved on. I prayed for the people requiring an ambulance, emergency workers and the staff that is on. It's been six years since I worked with them ...but whenever I hear the sirens ...I do pray. I miss them and yes even miss working a holiday shift at the hospital. It's true what they say ...sometimes you don't realize what you have ...until you don't have it anymore. I always appreciated and felt blessed to have my job and really enjoyed it 98% of the time. But ...admittedly was getting restless for change at the end ...mostly because after 20 years ...I was didn't want to work holidays and Sundays. Now ...I'd practicall PAY to do it. :)

I hope everyone enjoys their July 4th ..even if working.