Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Honest Man and Other Thoughts

This picture isn't the kind of honesty I wrote about, but it's funny. :)

In my last post I shared my frustration/annoyance regarding the rude receptionist, but a couple of other nice things happened in that office that day - in the waiting room. One I will share now and the second one was not only nice ...but, also one of those things where you wonder if God is directing you and in this case it involved another patient in the waiting room and happened when I was leaving. However, that post will involve more writing and is why I will share about it another time.

I also have been wanting to put up our younger son's graduation pictures and share about his graduation day. My computer is so slow that it's tedious trying to get pictures from my camera folder into the blog and so that is why I haven't posted them yet. I guess I could just put one up. So that is coming. I also want to tell you a story about a "guest" with us last summer - with pictures ...and again I haven't done it for the same reason stated above. Copy and pasting is easy, but not pulling from a folder.
As soon as I got to the checkout counter in the reception area, one of the women held up a ring, asking if it was mine.

I stared for a second instead of claiming it because I could NOT believe it happened AGAIN!

"Yes, it's my ring. Whe"

Receptionist immediately explained, "A man found it near where you were sitting and thought it might be yours."

I couldn't believe it and immediately said, "An HONEST man! I had just put some hand cream on while waiting and it must've just slipped off when I was walking in to be seen. I've lost weight and apparently I need to be mindful of the rings I am wearing."

It was a gift from my dear m-i-l ...a birthday gift ...a large blue topaz, surrounded by marcasite on a silver ring. Not only is it pretty and one of my favorite rings, but it has sentimental value. I would've been upset when I realized it was lost.

I wanted to thank the man personally for turning it in, but he had already left.

So I'll just put it out into the universe ...Thank you Honest man for returning my ring. Thank you very much!

If only other people were moved to be so honest. When they keep something that they find, knowing it's not theirs and is obviously important ...possibly valuable ...why can't people do the right thing and turn it in?

I sure would and I would feel good doing it. I have done it.

And I may've told this story before, but not for awhile if I did.

Years ago, after work and banking on the Friday before Thanksgiving ...I went grocery shopping.
Shoprite was so packed that I had to park far away from the store ...all the way out to where the cars parked in a row facing the highway. So was not in the main body of parked cars.

Anyway soon as I got out of my car when I got home, I realized I left my purse in the shopping cart. Horror at the potential loss shot right through me as I immediately got back in, praying all the way back to that parking spot. No shopping carriage and no pocketbook in sight by the cars parked where I was parked.

Because it was payday, my checkbook, savings account info (pre-direct deposit days), credit cards and cash were all in my pocketbook. Not to mention my license and who knows what else.

I hurried to the front desk in the store ...and an HONEST person had turned it in. Thank God! I felt like maybe an angel brought it in. Certainly an angel of a human being. I like to tell that story because it is the perfect example of honesty and doing the right thing.

Personally, I could never be happy knowing I stole something.

I have left the stores with something in my cart that wasn't paid for or found things when I got home that were packed but, never charged for. I always went back in with the light bulbs, socks ..wherever to the front desk to pay for them. They always seem surprised and always say thank you.

Most recently ...this past spring I had ordered two pizzas from our favorite pizza place. One was a personal white pizza - my favorite. I had used my credit card and when I reviewed my bill for the month I saw that she never charged me for the little pizza. So ...the next time I went in there, I told them what had happened and paid for it. They too were surprised and appreciative.

It just is the right thing to do and it feels so good and you never know who you are influencing to do the right thing. But, the reason I am honest about returning things is simply because that is what you SHOULD do ...the right thing to do. The rest is just icing on the cake.

I can appreciate why Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

It really hurts and is upsetting when you lose valuable, special things. But, even the little things matter. Once a friend, a pastor left 100 dollars in cash on his front seat. He just ran into the little store he parked in front of for a minute. When he came out it was gone. He said, "Well, I hope they needed it more than I did."

I admired his ability to let go.

I wish other people were as honest returning my things as the man in the doctor's office was the other day.

Hope springs eternal. :)

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