Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Decided to Pay Attention to the Dream (Have You Ever Had a Warning Dream?)

BUT, I am s-o-o-o-o NOT in the MOOD for this!

So ...I woke up with a medical concern this morning. Admittedly, it totally depressed me. And it wasn't the first time I had the symptom recently, but I had just woken up from a dream ... a sort of out of order dream ...except the one message coming through was loud and clear.

The person in the dream said, "Your doctor was wrong with his diagnosis and you need to be seen." And I woke up with the symptom ...which has persisted all day, night ...although intermittently. I have had it in the past and then it's gone away. It never persisted in one day like this.

And I have been reticent to pursue it because I was cleared by a specialist. So ...I really do not want to look like the crazy patient.

And I really do not want to deal with this ...at all.

But, because of the dream ...I did pursue some information.

See ...in the past ...I have had dreams that gave me reassurance or have been a warning about something. They are far and few between. And they usually have an order about them ...so much so they could be acted out in a play ...with a beginning, middle and ending. They feel so real. This did not ...except for the admonition to seek medical care.

BUT ...did that happen because I was feeling the pain? Maybe I was having this wacky dream when the pain suddenly manifested and I was in a light enough sleep that it influenced my dream. You know ...like when you have to make whizzie winkles when you're sleeping and you end up dreaming about going to the bathroom in some crazy place and you're just about to go, but fortunately you wake up. Well ...that happens to me on the nights I try to resist bladder call. I've written about it in previous posts. I think at that point my bladder enlists my brain to give me the visual of what's gonna happen if I don't wake up and get to the bathroom.

So, it's possible I had the pain and my brain incorporated it into my dream. The doctor I dreamt about would not be the doctor who was wrong ...if indeed that is the case.

Years ago, I had one dream in which God forbid ...Mr SeaSpray died. It scared me so much! I didn't tell anyone, but it stayed with me all morning.

At that point in time he hadn't been for a checkup for at least a couple of decades and probably more. And he had hypertension when he was 29. Now he was around 50. He was very stubborn and got aggravated if I ever brought it up and so I let it go. It concerned me, but, for the sake of peace ...I always let it go. (Now I would not!)

Anyway, I felt so strongly about the dream that I drove over to my church. I had only been there a few times and didn't really know anyone. I walked downstairs to their offices and I asked the first pastor I saw if I could speak with him.

After he shut the door to his office and we sat down, I told him about the dream and my husband's resistance. I asked if we could pray about it because I knew there was power in prayer. The pastor graciously said a prayer of protection for my husband and that he would be willing to have a checkup. I went home and urged my husband to have a checkup and he AGREED! So I immediately set up an appointment with a physician I knew from work that I trusted because I knew he was very particular. I did not tell Mr SeaSpray about the dream.

Well ...it turned out that his cholesterol was high and he had significant hypertension. The doctor put him on medications and ever since that time these things have been well controlled. AND ...he is terrific about going to any medical appointment ...no more resistance whatsoever. Well ...except the eye doctor. He would even tell you to get your colonoscopy exam and that they aren't a big deal at all. Oh and of course I was i overkill mode and had him follow -up with a cardiologist because he loves to dig for old bottles. I was worried that if shoveling snow could cause cardiac problems then I thought maybe digging dirt might do the same. He passed his stress test with flying colors and then stayed with that doc ...seeing him quarterly for years.

But, this sweet cardiologist was not on our plan and was costing us about four hundred dollars a year to see him for something a private care physician could handle. Thankfully, Mr SeaSpray did not have any cardiac concerns. If he switched to my pcp ...he would only have to pay four 20.00 copays a year. When I suggested he switch and why ....he kind of whined ...in a MANLY way ...of course ;) ...."BUT ...I L-I-K-E Dr Card-i-a-c."

Talk about a turn around in attitude! There is power in prayer. :)

Of course I can't prove that was a warning dream ...but with all my heart ...I do believe God gave me that dream and good did come from it.

Well ...this is already long and it would go on much more if I wrote about what I did to follow up on my morning dream thus far and so I will save that for another post. Suffice it to know though ...that I am following up asap. Maybe not in exactly the way I should ...but I am following up.

BTW, I do pray it was just a dream. I want to be wrong. Oh and this is NOT about urology - YAY for that!

I'd greatly appreciate if you could say a prayer that all is well and I will get a good report.

When I have news ...I will come back to post specifically about what I have done and the subsequent outcome.

Thank you!



kop_op said...

Hello SeaSpray!

Are warning dreams supernatural phenomena? I'm sorry to say that my skeptic mindset prevents me from believing so. Neither do I believe in the power of prayer. My interpetation is that you appear to have an extreme sensibility with regard to things that is happening to other persons. In this case, someone very close to you. Mr SeaSpray might have made up his mind -to seek doctor's help- a few days before he said so aloud. You sensed this sudden (?) change of attitude unconsciously, and it manifested itself in a dream.
Do I make myself clear? I would appreciate to receive your comment.
Meanwhile, have a nice weekend,

SeaSpray said...

Hi Federico -You pose some interesting things I want to address. I look forward to answering your comment and will comment when I come back home later. I can appreciate your perspective, but I also know the other side. I just happened to read about someone else's powerful dream (a doctor) this morning and can't wait to get back to it and will share it in blog. And now ...off to the races I have to run out the door for now. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Federico - I do appreciate why you think as you do. And I do think it is good to be skeptical and to be discerning.

Yes I can be intuitive, but this was not that. Unless at a subconscious level.

That being said, you would have to know my husband to know why I felt I had to seek out prayer to get him to go to the doctor. There was a serious health event with a friend's husband and I suppose that knowledge could've prepared the way somewhat ...but it still is not likely.

Also, the dream was so well laid out. This particular kind of dream has order to it and a message and is vivid. I wake up and it is so with me - and I feel they are from God. they are not the routine dreams.

Also ..in my whole life ...I don't think I've had more than 7 of these kind of dreams. They get my attention. I'm not sure about the number as I would have to think about them. but the number is low.

I believe in the power of prayer way more than the power of dreams.

My Christian faith has opened my eyes to this and I have life experience to back it up as well. I know all things are possible with God. I do not limit God. I pray with hope, expectation and gratitude.

The dreams are interesting to ponder. But, it is my faith in God ...which includes prayer that matters most to me. If you ever really want to know if it is real - pray to God - ask him ..be open ..he will show you ..lead you ..put someone or something in your life to enlighten you.

Faith is believing in something unseen - you can't prove it ..but you believe. I believe because I have read/studied what God says in his word. The Bible is filled with so much wisdom and so many answers and is faith building.

They have also done studies in which they concluded that prayer does effect positive outcomes with people who are ill.

Thanks for stopping by - Have a great week! :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Federico - I highly recommend "10 hours to Live", a powerful book written by a young man (at the time)who at 22 was diagnosed with the deadliest from of cancer and being treated in a prestigious hospital - told he had only 10 hours to live.

he resisted that diagnosis by quoting healing scriptures, praying and having many people pray for him and over him and read scriptures over him when he could not. It is extremely interesting and encouraging. It is all documented.

You can buy it on Amazon.

I would be curious to know your opinion AFTER you read that book.

He said when we read or quote healing scriptures we are putting God's medicine into us. (There are many of these scriptures in the back of his book) I now have this image that all of the God's medicine going into him was crowding out the disease ...weakening it until it no longer had a hold on this young man. But ,.,,he was in the fight of his life and that is what he did.

he and his family never gave up. kept praying ..kept reading scriptures ..angered and baffled the doctors who wanted him to understand he was dying and soon.

One of my favorite books of all time now and in my opinion a must read for anyone trying to overcome illness. And of course people still die and not everyone is healed. I don't pretend to know the mind of God, but I do know there are times people are healed ..against all odds and miracles do exist. I believe ..never limit what God can do. :)

kop_op said...

Delighted to receive your answer, and eager to react to it. It is easy to imagine situations in which a believing person feels a strong urge to pray for something to happen (or not). As a nonbeliever, I probably have the same wishes, but I don’t feel the need to pray. In simply hoping (with the same expectation and gratitude as yours) that the desired change will take place, I don’t address myself to God, to a Supernatural Being, but to the natural chances of life.
If your prayer comes true, you say it was due to the power of pray. If it does not, you say it was God’s will. I would say it was either good luck, or bad luck. Do you think there is a fundamental difference?
Gratitude: I also feel gratitude, but not to God. To no one in particular, just gratefulness for living a Wonderful Life. Yes, life is wonderful full of wonders! That part of the name attracted me to your blog; I associated it at once with the first lines of a poem. One the very few I like, because I love prose but seem to be unable to appreciate poetry. These are the first lines, they were written by W.H. Davies:

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?

…..Faith is believing in something unseen – you can’t prove it –but you believe…..
You are convinced of the truths that your religion presents to you. OK, I also accept many unseen things, but only those that, in some way or other, seem plausible to me. For instance, without having seen tectonic plates, I believe that they cause tsunamis because I can follow the reasoning behind it. I don’t believe in God, not because I don’t see him but because he seems unreal (hence, impossible) to me. How can human beings describe a God as having attributions, punishing, promising, expressing anger, satisfaction? Any description is contradictory to the concept of omnipotence and omniscience; it makes God so limited, so simple that it does not fit into my view of the universe (or universes).

I have never had a coherent dream. Sometimes I wake up, remembering something worth telling. Usually it’s too early to rise and make some quick notes, which is what I should do, because a few hours later I remember two or three vague images at most. I wish I had the fantasy to make up a story and amuse my companions during the day. What I want to say herewith is the conclusion that dreams are a strictly personal matter. Likely or not, it has helped to push your husband in the right direction.
All the best, and have a nice day,


kop_op said...

SeaSpray, I understand your belief that prayers act as a medicine, but
I find no evidence that they do. Therefore, my scepticism attributes the outcome to 'the wheel of fortune'. In the case of an incurable disease causing unbearable suffering for example,
wouldn't you (also) pray to take the patient's life (might be your own life), hoping that that was in the mind of God indeed? I am sure I would wish that to happen, so as to obtain a relief, so to say.

Praying works allright, but for believers, and I think that is a
matter of mindsets. Your brain is fit for believing in the
supernatural, my mindset seems to be wired for unbelief when there is no evidence.
Thank you very much, but I don't think I will read the book you so kindly suggested. I hope you will not take this as a stubborn refusal to learn about other peoples' viewpoints. Other opinions often add value to debates like this one anyhow. I'm glad they enrich my thinking, and hopefully yours too.
Weekend coming up, let it be a nice one!


SeaSpray said...

I Federico - I use comment moderation to screen comments and don't publish them until I can answer. I hold them up because I don't want to the commenter to think I'm not answering. I never considered that it could also look like something is wrong with the moderation process.

Sometimes I think about going back to the old way - without moderation because I do like the instant posting of comments when I am in another blog. Just that it does slow the spammers down.

Anyway - I appreciate your thoughtful comments and have not had time to respond in kind. I will be responding as soon as I can.

Thank you for sharing your views. :)

kop_op said...

Good to know the reason of the delay! It must be the best way of using moderation. because it keeps spammers away.
Awaiting your reaction, no hurry!