Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lazy, Hazy With No Crazy ...4th of July :)

I missed the barbecue this year!!!

GEEEE! Talk about miscommunication!

Last week, Mr SeaSpray said his Aunt Florence and Uncle Don were having a July 4th barbecue and everyone is invited. I LOVE the barbecues and family get togethers and was excited about going. But, he said he didn't want to because he wanted to do things around here. I wanted to go and so decided I would see if son and d-i-l were going, and if not ....I'd bring Devan if she wanted to go. So I had planned to bring a peach pie and a salad and planned to call on Monday to see what kind of salad.

Best laid plans ....

Sunday, I asked Mr SeaSpray why he didn't go to his mother's house yet and he said she wasn't home. "Oh." (Few minutes later) "So, where did she go?"

"Down to Florence and Don's barbecue."

"WHAT?!!!!! ...Today??? They're having it TODAY?!!!"

Anyway ...he didn't say it was ON the 4th. For some reason ...I just pictured Wednesday - July 4th in my head. It began at 11 am. Now it was 12:00. It would be too late to get ready to shower and go down there. And I just didn't feel like going alone either. Devan was already out with her parents for the day.

I'll bet Aunt dale brought her infamous baked beans. She not only uses bacon, but adds hamburger meat and that really makes for a great tray of beans. Another one I do and like is Hawaiian baked beans (vegetarian) , and you add pineapple and green pepper to taste.

I love that Mr SeaSpray's family is close and they always celebrate a birthday or some get together. My family never made a big deal about birthdays ...although ...I will say ...both of my uncles could put on one heck of a barbecue. I dooooo miss that. (I wish I had pictures from those days. :) The year at my uncle Jim's, with all those exchange students there too ...I still don't recall what happened in the pool. ? That is because my uncle Jim was pouring beer in to my cup whenever he walked by ...until my uncle Hector (the older brother) yelled at him for it. Too late! :)

I hate seeing that all of our relatives are getting older now. Also, the big family celebrations have dwindled since younger generations have married and moved away and many of our elders have died. I don't want to lose our family connectedness and I think we will need to make an effort to keep getting together. I didn't appreciate it when I was younger and sometimes did not want to go to family things. But, now I can see how it doesn't last forever and the value of being connected to your family is important and I want future generations to have that sense of being connected. I think today is all too easy to isolate because of the Internet and social medias which has become a substitute for a social life at time. It is a blessing and fun and I can see how in FB it helps to reunite people and you make plans when you otherwise may not have. But, I know for myself ...if I was never on the computer ...I would be on the phone or getting together socially more ... more often. I know that is the same for a lot of people. There needs to be balance.

Anyway, we will be doing a graduation party for our younger son soon and then there is going to be a bridal shower on the 22nd of this month and a fabulous family wedding to attend on September 12. :) So, I look forward to seeing everyone then. I have those dates right. :)

Here are a few July 4th pictures from 2010 at their house. Of course I can't put the best one's up because I don't have people's permission to do that. I hate when your pic gets tagged in fb and you don't have control over it. Younger son doesn't care if I use his pictures though. And I am particular and wouldn't want just any picture of me displayed either and so I understand.

Uncle Don, then 81 and he's still going strong. Such a sweet man. :)

The Cousins - Ashley, Devan and Son Chris. (this pic and below also Chris)

Wrenna - only 6 weeks old then. :)

I did see some fireworks Saturday night. Ha! From Sparta, I was coming home from the mall and I saw the fireworks that were being shot over the pond for Franklin day. (probably not so safe to watch the fireworks when driving - but hard not to.) Then I got into town and had to stop in Weis and so I saw the finale from the parking lot. Probably not so safe to watch the fireworks when driving - but hard not to. Gosh ...I do love the finales. Aren't they great? My favorite part is the flashes and loud booms. We always looked forward to the fireworks on Pt Pleasant beach on Thursday nights - a tradition for years. It was even better when they changed the locale to over the Manasquan inlet. Loved that when we were vacationing in the Manasquan beach house and just walked down to the inlet or would watch from the beach. So much nicer than having to leave in traffic afterward, especially since we all got to go back to the beach house, spending more time there.

I miss my friend Iris. Her name is synonymous with beach, summer, fireworks ..anything like that. I think about her often for all kinds of reasons ...but summers were ours ..since we were little girls. So MANY wonderful memories. :) It's my first summer without her and I am feeling it all over again ...big time.

Saturday, we are celebrating dear d-i-l's birthday and their town is having fireworks and so maybe we can all see them. I hope so.

Lazy day around here today. We're just having a couple of salads, yellow squash and peas from the garden with grilled chicken. I am so grateful for our pool and being able go swimming in this heat. (water is CRYSTAL CLEAR -PERFECT - there is a story of struggle here and why I am thrilled about the clarity :) I also want to plant flowers and herbs later. Just a lazy, hazy with no crazy ... 4th of July. :)

I heard ambulance sirens before and immediately thought of my former coworkers ...some still there and some too ...have also moved on. I prayed for the people requiring an ambulance, emergency workers and the staff that is on. It's been six years since I worked with them ...but whenever I hear the sirens ...I do pray. I miss them and yes even miss working a holiday shift at the hospital. It's true what they say ...sometimes you don't realize what you have ...until you don't have it anymore. I always appreciated and felt blessed to have my job and really enjoyed it 98% of the time. But ...admittedly was getting restless for change at the end ...mostly because after 20 years ...I was didn't want to work holidays and Sundays. Now ...I'd practicall PAY to do it. :)

I hope everyone enjoys their July 4th ..even if working.

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