Sunday, July 15, 2012

Memory Thoughts...

I hope this isn't offensive - just thought it was funny. Sometimes you have to laugh ...or you'd cry.

One thing I n-e-v-e-r do. I never say, I'm having a senior moment. I never about losing my mind or any of the forgetful age jokes people say about themselves. I feel like you are setting yourself up to be forgetful if you keep telling yourself you are that way.

Actually, I am grateful that I actually have a good memory. A counselor I was seeing after mom died told me my memory is both a blessing and a curse. She said it's a blessing because you remember everything ...and it's a curse ...because you remember everything. I do ...and details that it seems many people forget. :)

That being said ...I do have some blocks in memory from when younger and I don't always remember names of people. I do remember numbers though ...with amazing recall.

I've heard we may be near a cure or this awful disease and I hope it will be soon.

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