Sunday, July 22, 2012


So ...tonight ...after leaving a retirement sinner for an ED nurse I worked with for years ...I was pulled over by a cop and I didn't see his flashing lights ...even when rounding the corner. OOPS!

It's 02:47 am now and so ...

to be continued ....

Fun night tho.

I love how we all laugh so heartily when we get together.

Great bunch of people.

I miss them.

But, to everything there is a season. :)


Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Seaspray, Whaat are you doing to yourself, gal?
I am worried. This is not the first time I have had a message from my dear Lord that I need to visit you and I read that you have been stopped by the cops, or done something that has put your life at risk. I am not being cross, I am being like a daughter to a mom - hey, wake up, we love you, want you here, like your quirky writing even if we don't always comment, even if we don't read daily but binge (hands up, moi!).
PLEASE take care of yourself. You have my email I think? Can you email ax the pond (yes it is who you think it is - just my memory has wiped my last password out so yet another blog name, similar though, but NOT personal and about my crafts). Email me - I dearly want to write to you and I want to give you something special.


SeaSpray said...

Hello dear friend from across the pond. :) So good to hear from you! (made my day:) It's 02:00 here now and going to bed.

I'll be back tomorrow to follow up on comments. :)

Been super busy this week!