Friday, July 6, 2012

...SEW Their ASSES!

Ha ha! This cartoon reminds me of something a friend had written in a private online meeting site that some of us locals used to communicate about something illegal going on in our area. Our town was NOT doing anything to enforce the rules, thus closing down the operation for the good of the community. Not to mention this individual was openly violating the law. They did not take action until one of the more active people in this cause had a letter holding the town officials accountable for any damages incurred to the community. It was signed by all of us affected by this other person's illegal actions. It was a BIG deal and unconscionable that this activity was allowed to continue unchecked. Our friend sent the letter, certified, to the town. He continued to send it certified until the town responded. Which BTW ...did not take long.

But was a long, drawn out process. Unbelievably so. You have to wonder how some people breaking the law are instantly held accountable and others get to go on and on and on ...unchecked. ? And as previously, stated this was a big deal ...huge deal, actually.

Anyway ...this one day our friend in utter frustration wrote ..."It's time to go for the jugglers and SEW their ASSES!" Obviously, he meant ..."It's time to go for the jugulars and sue their asses!"


If I were drinking coffee at that point, I would've ended up with a coffee nasal LAVAGE! SERIOUSLY! :)

I immediately envisioned us hiring a bunch of JUGGLERS ...juggling their way into town hall ...finding the lawyer and every single town official, who weren't doing their jobs. Then holding them hostage to a juggler routine after which they would have their buttocks sewn together by said jugglers!!!

Move over Navy Seals, we've brought in the JUGGLERS!!!

* And ...I think my natural inclination will be to SIT should I happen to be around any JUGGLER routines in the future. I'm just sayin. ;)

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