Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Video Gives Me Goosebumps

"Let America be America Again"

Amen to that!

I am so tired of the doom and gloom, the divisiveness and overall negativity.

I wish we could all focus on what is good and how to make it better.

Everything in me rises up against those that would discount the hard work that was the backbone of a successful business.

Sure ..the roads paid for by the government facilitated transport of company goods. BUT, if it wasn't for the the ideas, hard work and dedication behind the success...that created the company that sold goods, that increased the employee payrolls ...who in turn now had money from paychecks to pay taxes and spend money that helped build the economy ..the government would not have the revenue for the roads.

I am so tired of hearing the diatribes that would crush the American free enterprise spirit ...that foster DEPENDENCE on the next handout ...instead of rewarding success. Since when is it wrong to be successful?

And I don't excuse the dishonest people who stole and took advantage of their employees. But ..I do applaud the good ones and we need more of them.

I have seen and heard things over the recent years that have just baffled me. I don't recognize as the America I grew up in. Sometimes it seems that was right is now considered wrong and what was wrong is now considered right - it's crazy. I could expound on that, but have other things to do now. I just happened to see this video and want to share it. I hope it goes viral.

I said a lot more but, decided to delete it.

I really just love the video and want to share it with you.

Oh and I loved that little spot in which the boy was selling lemonade for 3 cents. :) I've had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. I did that with my friends when I was little. We sold lemonade and Kool-Aid for 5 cents. We did it several times. We had a little table, chairs to sit in under the trees, right by the front road. We had little paper cups, iced filled pitchers, napkins and lots of fun. We even made change. And we'd get so excited when someone driving by, stopped to buy a cup.

And we of course drank some too. :)

TODAY ...I'd never let my kids sit out by the road, selling to potential strangers ...unsupervised. Actually, I have a cute picture somewhere in which the neighborhood kids had a stand at my neighbor's house and they were selling on our main road. They were also selling painted sea shells. :)

But, we kept close watch over them.

I think in the 60s ...parents gave us kids way more freedom without direct supervision.

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