Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trust is Key

It is sad when you realize the medical professional you put your trust in has been withholding his best care so that he could line his pockets instead. It is the ONLY explanation.

I am very, very pleased with a back molar the dentist partner I've switched to has fixed with a solid crown. I just called the office before to tell the receptionist to please tell the new dentist I now use in the office that, "I am very, very happy with the tooth he fixed and I know I will have it for a long time now."

My other dentist(the owner), that Ive gone to since the mid nineties ... kept giving me reasons why it didn't need to be fixed after it broke. And it broke because wait ..longer story that I will write another time.

It is a terrible thing when you lose trust in your doctor. Someday I will write about it. I was slow on the uptake with what he was doing and not doing. I am very disappointed in him and a little mad. I am due for my cleaning in September and I don't even want him coming in to review the x-rays or give the final check on my teeth ...only his partner is allowed near me now. It's awkward, uncomfortable ...but I cannot have any doctor who has been disingenuous with his care.

TRUST is key.

This past spring, I did call my dental plan to find out about my coverage and I did tell the rep a couple of things and I could've said more. She asked me if I wanted to do a written complaint and I passed on that. But, if these teeth did not start getting fixed, I absolutely would've written one long complaint. I will n-e-v-e-r recommend him.

It is a shame because he is really good with cosmetic repairs. And I liked him and enjoyed our chats.

It's also kind of sad.

If anyone follows this blog, you know I have not been posting as often. But may want to scroll down when you come in here because I've got my blogging mojo back and just feel like writing more posts now. :)

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