Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3.5 lbs!

Anyway ...

speaking of food ...

last night ...

Mr SeaSpray ...

brought in a HUGE (as compared to the usual tomatoes) 3.5 lb tomato in from the garden.

HUGE being the operative word because said HUGE tomato enabled me to have a HUGE tomato sandwich. By Huge sandwich ...I mean that I sliced a very thick wedge off this sun warmed, perfectly ripened tomato to place on the bread, which was then complimented by Hellman's mayonnaise (because everyone knows it's not mayonnaise ...if it's not Hellman's ;) with sea salt and pepper. That is all I had or wanted for dinner - both filling and satisfying. I will be living on tomato sandwiches now. Finally - REAL tomatoes to enjoy!

This tomato sliced up could fill a large bowl for a tomato salad.

I should've taken a picture.

This 3.5 lb tomato was County Fair worthy.


Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...


I LOVE tomatoes! Hubby will grow them - for his Italian cooking- BUT he hates the smell and he hates them raw! HOW can you dislike the scrummy tomato smell and the taste of a fresh plucked tomato!

Wow - 3.5 pounds!!! POUNDS!! Let me work this in grams....... that is a whoppper a 1 kilo and a half ! Geez!!

Lucky you!!!

Hugs xx

SeaSpray said...

Hi Yolki - yes ..tomatoes are delicious.

and to think I hated them (except in a blt or sauce until I was around 31-32.

Our first born son was eating cherry tomatoes like candy off a plant and so I had to see what was so yummy about them. I was hooked. Then a cousin told me about tomato sandwiches and so began my love affair with tomatoes aug-oct. Oct if good weather year.

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Dear Sea, Have you had a nosey at my blog "Yolki, polki get in my fluff" yet?
It's light hearted and about my wool work and tomorrow I will write about my " sloth" as I call it. Do drop by!!

No-one else does !!!!

SeaSpray said...

I haven't yet Yolki, but certainly will soon.

I just finished a major bedroom painting job. Did it in 2 days in past but with knee pain ...took much longer. The job that just wouldn't end ..thanks to my perfectionist ways coupled with the physical pain.

Feel sore everywhere!

babysitting tomorrow and getting everything back in room, etc ..so MUCH to do.

Wish I could wave a wand and have it all done!

I do look forward to coming over for a visit and shall soon. :)