Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beach Day at the Jersey Shore :)

We all had a lot fun at the beach, Point Pleasant Beach this past Wednesday. The water was perfect warm and sans jelly fish. Yay! It was an absolutely perfect beach weather day. A beautiful, clear, warm breezy sunny day. With low humidity on the upper beach and boardwalk.

We stayed as close to the water as we could without getting everything washed over by the waves and so the breezes and mild sea spray/sea mist feel so nice there. I wondered why in the world did I wait so long to go down when it is relatively close - only a couple of hours away. We hope to go back down next week - depending on how the hurricane now threatening Florida affects the coast line next week, as well as up here. Anyway, it is just too close and too much fun to not make day trips to the beach areas more frequently and we plan to do just that.

I also prefer swimming at beaches away from the boardwalks, but at least Point Pleasant is more family oriented. Actually, I had just said that when we left our car and this couple was walking past us - in a swearing shouting match, oblivious to their crass and disrespectful behavior. The irony didn't get past Devan who said, "Family oriented Mum mum?" We laughed, but what is wrong with people that they are so selfish and disrespectful regarding the people around them?

The beach wasn't at all crowded with swimmers - which was very nice.

I couldn't go all the way in the ocean because Point Pleasant has a deep drop right by the water's edge - where waves break and while I could go in ... and o-h-h-h-h how I WANTED to ...with both knees hurting as they do ...I think it would be really hard to get back out. The last time I was at the beach in 2005, I only had one knee bothering me when we stayed in Manasquan. There is also a drop there but, not as bad as in Pt Pleasant. Adding to the problem ..or maybe the problem is that the sand/stones at the drop is very soft, you sink in it and really would be hard on knees when getting out. So ...I lived vicariously through Debbie and Devan. But, I still got SOAKED when the waves crashed and came rushing up - ha ha! A couple of times I was too close with my camera and got all crazy trying to remain standing and save the camera when the water rushed up and back. Comic relief for on lookers ....I am sure. :)

And after the second time - I decided it was better to leave the camera on the beach chair.

(I'd love to have some recommendations for NJ public beaches that have flatter ocean sand to walk into the water on ...without the large drops. And where parking is reasonably close.)

Gosh I just LOVE the ocean! So much fun and so beautiful. :)

Devan collected shells for me for my gardens. :)

We had fun feeding the sea gulls. They're so cool the way they catch most food tossed up into the air. It seems they zoom in with the precision of a fighter pilot. Of course, they've had a lot of practice. Then there must've been some kind of food alert across the sea gull radar system drawing in a SQUADRON of them all at once and the next thing I knew I was caught in some kind of sea gull feeding frenzy that reminded me of a scene in Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "The Birds". I let some food go too close to me and I felt rushed by the birds ...coming in at me from all directions - w-a-y-y-y too close for comfort en masse like that and I had little outbursts of screams ...just little ones, but audible, pulling in to myself each time they zoomed in...which did not go unnoticed by the women standing in the water in front and family on the side who were smiling. Another sitcom moment. :) Later when Devan and I were feeding the sea gulls, two other little kids came over by us and so I gave them little gold fish crackers to feed them too. I also had this large colorful straw hat on. Which by the way, I was most grateful to have on when said sea gulls were flying over as they were. Fortunately there wasn't any collateral damage. :)

I wish I could've gotten a picture of the feeding frenzy, but I was in defense mode. That'll teach me not to throw up clusters of Goldfish everywhere. :)

I also had the thought that these little kids are going to have a childhood memory, remembering feeding these birds with the lady with the big colorful beach hat. Bird lady! Ha ha!

I remember when the boys used to like to chase the sea gulls by the shore line. We've always enjoyed feeding them.

We finished up our fun day with a bite to eat by one of the snack bars. It was just such a perfect day and evening. I tried to get a picture of the sail boat on the water from where we were eating, but it's just a little camera and so I can't zoom very much. It was so pretty with the setting sunlight turning the white masts a pale pink, contrasting the blue water. The photo doesn't do it justice.

We finished with a little custard ice cream and as we were leaving I commented on how the sky reminded me of pink and blue cotton candy. It was hard to leave the ocean and her balmy sea breezes behind. Even when I was a little girl was always hard for me to leave the ocean ... even though I knew I'd be back the next day.

And it was heartbreaking for me when I had to leave for good and move up here when I was 14. But, for a long time now, I've decided that I much prefer living in the mountains and once I finally get back home ...I will say ...once home ...there's no place like home. :)

I'd never refuse a beach house though. :)

Yes pictures below ...those are real palm trees on the Jersey shore. We were wondering how they did that. Because we get snow and lots of cold weather in the winter. The one picture reminds me of a picture I have of my father standing under a palm tree in Miami.


Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

What a gorgeous post Sea! And the picture of the sea, the birds and the palm trees - mmmmm. )))

You write so well making me feel like I was there. And I absolutely fell about laughing at the thought of this big floppy hat business! ;-) I'd LOVE to have one of those - it'd be such a giggle - I'd want to feel like Elizabeth Taylor and put some shades on!
Of course I know that there is a very essential practical point to it and well done you for spotting it.
I would check your spam pot - I have sent you an e mail to night)

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Yolki. :)

I wore shades - on and off. Wish I could pics up, but still privacy on web. Which is laughable, considering all I've written over the years. :)

But sometimes I still feel concern about putting the grandbabies pics up and then it seems a lot of people have gotten lax about it.

I am hoping to go to a new beach I've never been too this week - Ocean Grove, nj.

It looks so pretty, Victorian town established in 1869. Beaches sloping gently into the ocean and so maybe then I could go in. Away from the hubub (sp?)of the busier boardwalks, etc., and a bit closer ..well 9 miles.

Here are some links to pictures I found on web last nite:

I have to see it for myself. :) the little town sounds nice too.

You have my correct e-mail :)

Yolki,polki get in my fluff said...

Pretty pics of the next beach - I followed the links! But gosh, so crowded!! Reminds me of Malibu beach when I was there as a teenager for a holiday with an aunt and uncle!

Yes, you are correct to be concerned - I don't put up pics of the family becuase of this. It is such a shame.

Sent another email.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Yolki - we didn't go today. :(

But have to absolutely check it out sometime. Yes pretty pics. And yes crowded ..although I've seen worse. That was probably very hot day and peak beach time. Bet today not so much since today since kids start school ..although labor day weekend - last hurrah with lifeguards for the summer. Also early and toward dinner beaches clear out more. I LOVE between 5 and 7 pm sun lowering, most people gone and so peaceful/relaxing. One of my fondest memories alone is when my friend Iris was back at beach house making macaroni salad after dinner and I had entire beach to myself, it was low tide and I was happily collecting sand dollars. It was fun and felt so good. :)

SeaSpray said...

Yoliki - no e-mail arrived. I checked inbox and junk.